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How to nulled Wowonder any version


This Tutorial is how you nulled the Wowonder any version

Before you install Wowonder Script, you need to do this step first.

1. Open the function_genenral.php at "assets/includes" folder and search for the keyword "Purchase" and
find this code from function check_($check) and function check_success($check)  line 763 to 786

Look for this 1 line of code

$check = json_decode($file, true);

and replace it to

$check = array('status' => 'SUCCESS', 'url' => $siteurl, 'code' => $check);


and install it with any purchase code.


If you want to activate the Messengers & Native Apps find the Request.php file on the Directory
and just follow the Steps above. but you need to find manually the codes to change it.


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