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How to Make BANK with Youtube and UltraViews! (Full Guide/Method)

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Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to make a lot of money with Youtube and UltraViews. UltraViews is a traffic exchange that is browser based. Right now they are still very new, but they are already doing very well with over 1,500 VPS's running. I've been testing it for the past few days and it works quite well. Here's the method I have been using :

Step 1: Join UltraViews and make an account here: http://www.UltraViews.net

Step 2: I recommend joining UltraViews using my ref link (Send me PM) above because I'm giving everyone a "free of charge" method to earn with UltraViews. Unlike other members who make you use their ref link in order to get the method, I'm giving it to everyone for free

Step 3: The main thing you will do with this method is put in YouTube videos in the system. For you to make money, however, you must have these videos monetized. Monetized videos play ads which will pay you per impression you receive.

Step 4: If you don't already have YouTube Account that is partnered with a YT network, do so ASAP. I would highly recommend partnering with FullScreen or BBTV https://www.FullScreen.com/ - http://BBTV.com/

Step 5: If you don't already have a YouTube Account that is partnered, you will need to start sending views to your videos even though they aren't monetized. You obviously have to make everything look legit, so make sure to purchase some subscribers and maybe some likes.

Step 6: Once your YouTube Account is partnered, start uploading videos and make sure that you monetize them! It's best to upload videos that are at LEAST 5 Minutes long, and preferably 10 minutes long. (The reason to upload longer videos is that there's a higher chance of a "pre-roll" ad playing before your video, and those ads pay the most.

Step 7: Put your video links into the UltraViews system! Views are sent VERY quickly, and in the past few days, I was receiving as much as 300 hits in one minute (according to realtime statistics on YouTube's analytics page).

Step 8: You're going to be using a lot of credits to make a good amount of money, so you'll want to make sure that you either purchase some VPS on UltraViews. They are offer this VPS: http://cheapvps.co/ultraviews-vps/ he has excellent prices, and also offers discounts for all!

Step 9: Watch the money come rolling in. OBVIOUSLY, you're not going to make tons of money if you don't put in the time and effort to get a lot of credits on UltraViews , so don't expect to spend $10 and make back $1,000 or something like that. BUT, if you put in the time and money, you can definitely make some good money, and you will always profit!

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