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The human brain is better understood by seeing the images.
So the bbf share categorization will allow you to see file photos...

savas savas

Some updates in forum!

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savas savas
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PHPVibe – Video CMS

Included decoded nulled main53.php main54.php main55.php not 100%shore about ioncube but i think no needed... 



PHPVibe – Video CMS

A modern Video & Multimedia CMS


We’ve built PHPVibe as a modern video CMS, being tired of having to settle for limited features. 
The CMS is composed of 3 main modules:

    Video Sharing AIO
    Music Sharing
    Picture Sharing

which makes it a perfect 3 in one solution for your multimedia website (Or just one? Your choice entirely!).

As we have grown this cms trough the past years we’ve always tried to keep up with the trends in design and features that different web giants have drawn.
PHPVibe v5 is a cleaner, more mobile friendly, and more focused on user experience!
Features a new and improved css style based on Bootstrap 3, newest jquery, and newest versions of jquery plugins.


Video Sharing.


Supporting video uploads, video conversions trough ffmpeg, 
fast embeds from multiple websites, massive and effortless Youtube videos importing out of the box.

Mobile is not the future, mobile is the present


So PHPVibe v5 needs to adapt on mobiles, and not only! It needs to adapt usefully and impressively! As before some elements where just resized to fit, not they are delicately transforming with css and jquery. Placing where they should be, just like Youtube’s mobile app.

User profiles (we call them channels)




Because they simply work to gain traffic and content since…well, since the internet started!

Simpler navigational elements


A better looking playlist

Because the old one was pretty plain, and not so “popping out”.

Better user experience

We’ve restyled most of the elements to be cleaner as color, shape and more intuitively available to your users and visitors.


A new conversations app. Static (for now), which allows users to message others and get replies.
Users can also close the conversation (acting like a ban).

Categories now make better usage in the website


Better and simpler because “Simplicity is key”




We hope it will serve you well!


And much more (proper presentation coming soon)


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On 21/03/2017 at 10:02 AM, savas said:

Then i get lastes 5.0.9 i gana update freands :)


Hello, In the folder it says it's 5.0.4


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Thank you for the sharing! But I have a problem, it doesn't create an administrator in SQL table. I can't connect to admin panel because I can't set an admin account.

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1 hour ago, Claft Wonder said:

Please, nulled version 5.94

I have it fully nulled 100% functional :)
It cost me money to do it cuz i had to buy decoding tools etc.
I'm a poor student lolz,  buy me a beer for my hard work 2,50eu through paypal and i'll send it to you.
Just to get my money back lol, or else it would be free.

Test demo = https://trulynulled.com
You can create a account and test it.

Admin login info for the demo:
Password: 123123

Edited by Tufaann

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