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 INFO: Auto PHP Licenser
VERSION: 2.2.2  (last version)
Original Price:  

Nulled Price: $20 / one time  (Life Time Update guarantee) !!!

contact me if you want to buy this item
Telegram: @cheaplicense




New! Auto PHP Licenser v2 with GOD mode to delete everything from user’s
machine and invisible server responses for even harder reverse engineering.


Auto PHP Licenser is a powerful PHP license manager script that solves the #1 developers’ problem – pirated and nulled copies of their software. PHP license system works with all types of PHP scripts (applications, plugins, templates) developed in any PHP framework or without it.

Auto PHP Licenser enables authors to implement custom restrictions for each license, limit application features, and even remotely delete files and databases from user’s machine. Furthermore, it can lock installations to specific domains or IPs, verify files authenticity, validate update and support contracts, notify users about expiring licenses, and perform other tasks.

The best of all? Basic protection requires just a single call of license verification class. Meanwhile, more experienced developers can freely customize every single aspect of PHP license management software and reap the benefits of ultimate protection.

The main PHP license system features include, but are not limited, to:

Truly invisible, continuous code protection;

Remote license management in real time;

One installation for unlimited products, clients and licenses;

Lifetime, time-expiring and feature-limited licenses;

IP address and (sub.)domain based restrictions;

Different number of concurrent installations for every license;

Blocked installation for users without active licenses;

No need to enter any serial number or key during installation;

Automatic license generator for instant activations;

Automatic license verification every X days/weeks/months/years;

Forced license check between automatic verifications;

Expiring license, updates and support contract notifications;

Licensing server block and nullroute protection;

User data storage in MySQL database or file with any extension;

Remote data and database removal from user’s machine;

Detailed reports of every installation and license verification;

Full API access for complete automation;

Guaranteed protection from software piracy since 2006;

A real-time monitoring and defense of licenser itself;

Super-easy integration into any PHP-based application;

Bundled demo scripts and real-life code examples;

Support for all 3rd party PHP obfuscators (encoders);

Fully customizable notifications in any language;

Unmatched performance and background updates;

Not sure if Auto PHP Licenser suits all your needs? See frequently asked questions for even more features and real-life examples!


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17 hours ago, doniaweb said:

Not free?

No it is not free. it costs 20$ and has free lifetime update

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