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Hi, can anyone give me a tutorial on nulling Wordpress premium themes or show me the way to do it?  I often get many Retail packs of Themes, so I thought if I can null it myself it will be helpful for the community.

Thanks in Advance. ❤️

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Its not as easy as that, everyone has a different way of attacking it.

Generally speaking though, its about checking for callbacks or license requirements and removing them.

One way you could go is to start with the index file and check all required files it references and work backwards, you can also use a search to locate segments of code. A lot of files are usually restricted by a functions file or install files.

Im sure there are better experts that have quicker ways of carrying out these tasks but its not a bad place to start. Sometimes it can be as simple as a file that calls a whole php page containing license checking. In this instance you can usually either remove the need to check that file or remove all code apart from the basic php tags thus preventing any actions that will stop the script working.

Just a starter for you. Plenty of reading on google though, have a look around.

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