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LOOKING TO HIRE Taxi Booking App - A Complete Clone of UBER with User,Driver & Backend CMS Coded with Native Android

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Taxi App - The best on internet cost 603 USD.

This is a post to find someone to install it for me and my payment will be the complete files bought. Ate the first moment you can imagine that this file in on the internet but this is not the file on the internet cause the version on internet has only almost 400Mb that dont work because is the 29 USD version where the developer deliver to buyer not all files cause the developer make the installation in order to dont give the users the oportuinity of share on internet. But the complete and the working version they give to people who bought and the price is very high. My version is this version, that is almost 1GB total files and the cost is USD 603 (see the link below).

So if yoy that is reding this, looked the guide (link below) and have certain can do everything in guide so you can contact me and i will give you the FIRST HALF of files(needed to install dashboard) and credentials of my amazon EC2 test account where you will make all the installation. So after put the dashboard online/working. So i will send the other half of files(need to build ios and android app) where i need from you just change logo,banner,text,etc to my own images,text and you build the APK and iOS apps.


>>> So what you need to do to win the 1GB files that was paid 603 USD:

Install everything like guide show.

If you dont know how to do it please dont call me cause the first half of files is nothing without the other half and i will only give the other half if you complete the dasboard installation.


The installation guide:


See the prodcut page where i can be bought:


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I had a better idea. I will put here the first half of codes and anyone can try to install the dashboard so if you have success in installation just tell me your IP address or URL to check that you are able to do it and we start do it. So you will repeat what you did in your server but now in my server and after you put my dashboard online i will give you the second half of files where are the files of Android and iOS apps.

You can download the FIRST HALF in this link:  https://www.sendspace.com/file/fy935b

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Hell0, I can help you to install. 
if you are looking for Free Help 

What you should have already ..
A VPS with Min 4 GB Ram 
SMS API's (msg91 or twillo)
Firebase Json File..

and if you want to publish on store 
you should have Apple and Android Developers Account.

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where is the other half? what is this? If you wanna share the file share it or why do u share broken file? Dude? What is this? i dont get this :/

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