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SUGGEST Script Compare/Merge Changes... Quick Null patching!

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I'm currently building a script that will quickly compare two project files or scripts.. then show us the differences, then have the option to quickly decide which differences we want to keep then has the ability to merge the files. It almost completed the script does exactly what I want it to do just working on cleaning up the GUI/Design portion.


This type of script would allow you to find what the nuller did to null a script if comparing a Nulled vs Not Nulled version of the same script.

It would also allow you to Null the latest version of the script by comparing the nulled old version with the not nulled newer version quickly by applying which code you want to keep from the old version on the fly in just a few clicks.

It would allow you to update custom modified code/scripts to the newer version in a breeze without having to hire a developer to spend hours to update your custom modified script version to the new updated version.

Will work with any script/project in any coding language of up to 100mb in size to compare against each other. 

The script would do many other things but this is the main focus points.


Now lets get to the point of this thread. My main reason for posting this is to find out how many people here would be interested in using such software?

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