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WoWonder [Retail] Mobile Native Social Timeline Applications v2.6


New member
Minimum Android Target is V 4.3
WoWonder PHP 2.5 or higher.

  • Updates
    Android ( Stable Version 2.6 ) 30 December 2019
    • [Added] Dark Theme UI.
    • [Added] video fast preload system during scroll.
    • [Added] ability to pay using paypal and skrill.
    • [Added] ability to view Game section.
    • [Added] ability to view comments on products.
    • [Added] ability to pay using In app billing for [EXTENDED] license.
    • [Added] the ability to send messages to pages.
    • [Added] the ability to rate pages.
    • [Added] the ability to add social links on pages.
    • [Added] the ability to offer jobs in pages..
    • [Added] the ability to display action buttons in pages.
    • [Added] the ability invite user to pages and groups.
    • [Added] ability to control privacy of groups and pages.
    • [Added] the ability to accept or decline a group chat invitation.
    • [Added] job system, users can now create jobs and hire.
    • [Added] ability to delete owned groups and pages.
    • [Added] ability to make admins in pages and groups.
    • [Added] the ability to view reviews on pages.
    • [Added] ability to view my videos.
    • [Added] ability to manage login sessions.
    • [Added] two-factor authentication system using email or phone.
    • [Added] ability to boost pages.
    • [Added] suggested group section in news feed.
    • [Added] common things page, now you can find users that matches your information.
    • [Added] funding system, users can create funds, and get paid.
    • [Added] the ability to manage pro packages name, icon, features, prices.
    • [Added] ability to make admins in pages and groups.
    • [Added] 12+ More extra features.
    • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.
    • [Fixed] bugs in API.
    • [Improved] speed.

LinK: https://mega.nz/#!afR1BSCJ!XIK9Khr7TzqYTnAbMpbR1wP7cx8YAw2_VW9d8poGX00