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  1. INFO: DEMO: https://codingmatters.de/product/nextpost-auto-follow-advanced-modification/ hi i want this plugin i can interchange it with this modules: ● NextPost CRMS+ ● NextPost Advanced Management ● NextPost Auto Direct to Targeted Users ● NextPost Quick Setup all automation at once Module ● NextPost Boost ● Advanced Analytics Module Pleas tell me if you can thanks a lot Email: sakenti.biz@gmail.com
  2. I'm looking for a PHP developer to make some modifications on adult video script - Mass Embedder plugin. now mass embedder embeds just one page, I want to automatically go forward in pagination and embeds pages 1, 2, 3, .. and so on. for example, this is empflix.php which embeds one page per time from empflix[dot]com <?php class MEmbed_empflix { public $url; public $user_id; public $category; public $status; public $video; public $errors = array(); public $debug_e = array(); public $debug_w = array(); public $message; private $overflow = 500; public $video_already = 0; public $video_added = 0; public $debug; public function __construct($url, $user_id, $category, $status, $debug) { $this->url = $url; $this->user_id = $user_id; $this->category = $category; $this->status = $status; $this->debug = $debug; } public function get_videos() { $count = 0; $curl = new VCurl(); $html = clean_html($curl->saveToString($this->url)); if ($html) { if (preg_match_all('/<li data-vid=(.*?)<\/li>/', $html, $matches)) { foreach ($matches[0] as $match) { unset($debug_e); unset($debug_w); ++$count; if ($count > $this->overflow) { $this->errors[] = 'Overflow reached (500)! Aborting!'; return false; } $video = array( 'user_id' => $this->user_id, 'status' => $this->status, 'site' => 'empflix', 'id' => '', 'embeddable' => true, 'url' => '', 'title' => '', 'description' => '', 'tags' => '', 'category' => '', 'thumbs' => array(), 'duration' => 0, 'embed' => '' ); //Video ID if (preg_match('/data-vid=\'(.*?)\'/', $match, $matches_id)) { $video['id'] = trim($matches_id[1]); } else { if (!$this->debug) continue; else $debug_e[] = 'ID'; } //Embed Code $video['embed'] = '<iframe src="https://player.empflix.com/video/' . $video['id'] . '" width="' . E_WIDTH . '" height="' . E_HEIGHT . '" frameborder="0"></iframe>'; if (already_added($video['embed'])) { ++$this->video_already; continue; } //URL if(preg_match('/href=\'(.*?)\'/', $match, $matches_url)) { $video['url'] = 'https://www.empflix.com'.$matches_url[1]; } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to get video URL for ID: '.$video['id'].'!'; if (!$this->debug) continue; else $debug_e[] = 'URL'; } //Title if(preg_match('/nvtHide\'>(.*?)</', $match, $matches_title)) { $video['title'] = htmlspecialchars_decode(strip_tags(stripslashes($matches_title[1])), ENT_QUOTES); } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to get video title for '.$video['url'].'!'; if (!$this->debug) continue; else $debug_e[] = 'TITLE'; } //Duration if(preg_match('/videoDuration\'>(.*?)</', $match, $matches_duration)) { $video['duration'] = duration_to_seconds($matches_duration[1]); } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to get video duration for '.$video['url'].'!'; if (!$this->debug) continue; else $debug_e[] = 'DURATION'; } //Thumbnails if(preg_match('/data-original=\'(.*?)\'/', $match, $matches_thumb)) { $thumb_url = trim($matches_thumb[1]); $thumb_url = explode ("-", $thumb_url); $thumb_url[0] = addhttp($thumb_url[0]); for ($i = 1; $i <= 20; $i++) { $video['thumbs'][] = $thumb_url[0]."-".$i."l.jpg"; } } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to get video thumbnails for '.$video['url'].'!'; if (!$this->debug) continue; else $debug_e[] = 'THUMBS'; } //Get Video Page $html_video = clean_html($curl->saveToString($video['url'])); //Categories if (preg_match('/Categories:<\/span>(.*?)<\/div>/', $html_video, $matches_cat_str)) { if (preg_match_all('/">(.*?)<\/a>/', $matches_cat_str[1], $matches_category)) { $matches_category[1] = array_map('trim', $matches_category[1]); $video['category'] = implode(',', $matches_category[1]); } else { $debug_w[] = 'CATEGORY'; } } else { $debug_w[] = 'CATEGORY'; } //Tags $debug_w[] = 'TAGS'; //Check Embeddable Content if (!strpos($html_video, 'Share')) { $video['embeddable'] = false; $debug_w[] = 'EMBEDDABLE'; if (end($matches[0]) !== $match) continue; } //Debug Mode if ($this->debug) { echo "Match Content (". $count ."): <textarea style='width:100%' rows=10>".$match."</textarea><br>"; if ($debug_e) echo "Errors: " . implode(', ',$debug_e) . "<br>"; if ($debug_w) echo "Warnings: " . implode(', ',$debug_w) . "<br>"; echo "<pre>"; print_r($video); echo "</pre>"; exit; } //Add Video if (add_video($video)) { ++$this->video_added; } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to add '.$video['url'].'!'; } } //Foreach Loop - END } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to find embeddable videos on the specified page!'; } } else { $this->errors[] = 'Failed to get html code for specified url!'; } if (!$this->errors) { return true; } return false; } } ?>
  3. victor

    Pokes Plugin crea8social

    Version 1.0.0


    El plugin Pokes les brinda a sus usuarios una manera divertida, simple y rápida de iniciar una conversación. Los usuarios pueden obtener fácilmente la atención de otros usuarios mediante este complemento. VERSIÓN 1.2 + Compatibilidad con crea8social versión 7.0 Versión 1.1: + Compatibilidad con el sistema de citas + Mejora general CARACTERISTICAS: + Los usuarios pueden empujar a otros usuarios desde sus páginas de perfil, + Los usuarios ven los golpes que han recibido y también los devuelven. + Los usuarios pueden habilitar o deshabilitar la Notificación de Pokes desde la configuración de su cuenta. + Notificación de Poké en tiempo real.


  4. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin Version: 1.6 Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin v1.6 – Ultimate Affiliate Pro is the newest and most completed Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allow you provide a premium platform for your Affiliates with different rewards and amounts based on Ranks or special Offers. You can turn on your Website into a REAL business and an income machine where you just need to sit down and let the others to work for you! Changelog: 1.6 ADD Affiliates Coupon tracking ADD Custom Currency module ADD Excluding Taxes&Shipping Amount ADD Custom Affiliate Slug ADD Friendly Affiliates URLs ADD Auto Register Affiliates for any new Registered Users Infos and Preview: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-affiliate-pro-wordpress-plugin/16527729 DOWNLOAD: http://uploadboy.com/3ksfgegron45/1890/zip
  5. WP Rocket Latest August 10, 2018 https://www73.zippyshare.com/v/sMsr1Tko/file.html
  6. Request to upload FreelanceEngine Private message plugin for v-1.8.6
  7. Get more visitors from Google and Bing Attract more visitors from social media Increase your readers’ engagement. Demo https://10-d.tk/2eh54 Download https://10-d.tk/uwo7n
  8. Version




  9. View File King Media - Slider Plugin KingMEDIA slider plugin allows to display popular and recent media with a slider , You can select in which page you want to show this slider plugin… Submitter wumix Submitted 06/21/2018 Category Scripts Demo https://codecanyon.net/item/king-media-video-image-upload-and-share/full_screen_preview/7877877?_ga=2.59920110.212142002.1529523313-1268884119.1529523313 Nulled No VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/ui-public/index.html#/file/0c95b373fc0d25aec27b48eb6a7db1e849f159238665d221d2126aa2e43281bc/detection Tested Yes  
  10. wumix

    GET King Media - Slider Plugin

    Version 4.1


    KingMEDIA slider plugin allows to display popular and recent media with a slider , You can select in which page you want to show this slider plugin…


  11. A drag-and-drop add-on for the new tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor. (Build with Bootstrap version 3 compilation 2) Search YouTube videos, autocomplete suggestions, preview and insert into the WYSIWYG editor of tinyMCE 4 If you wish, you can select some parameters such as width, height, dark or light. An excellent way for publishers to insert YouTube videos into content pages. The normal insert is an iframe, but for programmers it is easy to create your own code to insert it and close it on the server side. An image placeholder is included as an example, the normal embedded iframe html5 and a ubb markup If you want a jquery or php solution for the image placeholder, see the Support tab There is also a WordPress version available Main features: Look and feel like it's a native plugin Easy to make your own marking Drag and drop in the add-ons directory YouTube Search Suggestions Your editors will love it Multi language Do not leave the editor to insert videos from youtube Requirements tinyMCE 4 API Download: https://mega.nz/#!BdtXWQzQ!Mdy1nJyddZTDp_1cZn7lcyC-jP7WNsI7VUYYQDNckJQ
  12. View File WP TOUCH PRO 4.3.8 Get wptouch pro 4.3.8 nulled. With this plugin, you can covert your wordpress website into an app. Submitter folaoyed Submitted 03/02/2018 Category Applications and Plugins Demo Nulled Yes VirusTotal Tested Yes Type Plugin  
  13. Version 4.3.8


    Get wptouch pro 4.3.8 nulled. With this plugin, you can covert your wordpress website into an app.


  14. Anybody with the lastest version wptouch pro please
  15. Download Link: http://cloud.abchnexus.com/folder/17/Files Chattr is a private messaging system for perfex with a real time chat application between administrators, staffs and clients. It comes with lots of features like photo,file sharing, emoticons, like e.t.c and we are continuously updating it Note: This is not a standalone application it requires Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM latest version or older versions from 1.5 FEATURES Staff and administrators can privately chat with each other Staff can chat with clients contact base on client project assigned Contacts/Client can chat with staffs working on their projects Group chat between staffs Send photos through chat Send files through chat Emoticons with like button like facebook Customize by changing colors via settings Multiple chat boxes with dragging capability DEMO DETAILS Demo Link: Admin Login Details Email address: admin@gmail.com Password : 123456 Client Login Details Demo Link: Email address: john@gmail.com Password : 123456 CHANGELOG Version 1.3 22/11/2017 - Added support for RTL - Fix auto scroll of messages when it contains images - Fixed clashes when staff and client are loggedin in the same browser - Client can’t see other any more - Fix emoticons pane close button Improved speed with 100% - Improved emoticon selection experience - Increase space from bottom for the chat opener icon to prevent covering the perfex save button
  16. Slider Revolution Free download + Addons + Examples WordPress Plugin September 4, 2017 Free Premium Wordpress Plugins Leave a comment 52 Views Free download Slider Revolution nulled v. WordPress plugin (updated on August 5, 2017) allows you to create slider, carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole front page, the new visual, drag & drop editor is even more easy to use than before. Slider Revolution nulled is shipped with new animations types and options, color picker with gradients and five new add-ons unlocked. Now you can find the right assets for your project in themepunch free library (Objects + BGs + SVGs + Icons). The first Slider Revolution whiteboard add-on lets you create your animated presentation within the slider. Now with 340 hand-drawn SVG icons included. Slider Revolution free download, plugin main features Powerful Visual Editor Building sliders has never been easier ! Even though Slider Revolution nulled is supporting an impressive number of options, even beginners will manage to create beautiful presentations with themepunch new, more intuitive workflow. Responsive with Total Control Themepunch made sure that Slider Revolution displays great on every device, be it desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. You can now individually customize how layers look on various devices. Media / Social Feed Support Free Slider Revolution comes with support for WordPress posts, Flicker, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5. ThemePunch plans on adding more in the near future. Optimized performance Good Looks aren’t everything, so Slider Revolution nulled loads lightning fast. In addition to the intelligent lazy loading options, the loaded core file size automatically scales with used features. Navigation Designer You get tons of navigation styles for bullets, arrows, tabs & thumbnails with Revolution Slider. The kicker is that you can now easily modify or create your own sets of navigation elements! Arrows, Bullet, Tab, Thumbnail Navigation; Lots of “Ready to Use” Styles included; Markup and Style Builder with Preview; Export your own Navigation Sets ! Slider Revolution free download instructions In order to download Slider Revolution for free, just click on the purple big button below and directly download the zip file onto your computer. The download package revslider.zip contains: – Slider-Revolution-v- (Size: 201.02 MB). – EXAMPLES v. 5.x folder (classic-carousel, classicslider, contenttabs, facebook-feed, fashion, flickr-gallery, gym, highlight-carousel, highlight-showcase, imagehero, insta-gallery, instagram-gallery, levanorestaurantbar, mainfeature, main-feature-slider, mediacarouselautoplay, media-carousel-autoplay, media-gallery-two, news-bg-video, news-gallery, news-gallery-post-based, news-hero, newsletter-hero, news-video, notgeneric, photography, photography-carousel, preset, search-form-hero, showcasecarousel, sportshero, twitter-feed, vimeo-gallery, vimeohero, web-product-dark, web-product-dark-hero, webproductlight, web-product-light, web-product-light-hero, youtube-gallery, youtubeher download link: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/028f5067
  17. Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.15 free download August 30, 2017 Free Premium Wordpress Plugins Leave a comment 534 Views Free download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer nulled v. 3.16.15 WordPress plugin (updated on August 17, 2017) is the best completion for VC page builder because it allows you to create: vertical and horizontal parallax effects, video backgrounds, row effects, CSS animation, icon font etc. Installing free Ultimate Addons you will probably have everything you need to build stunning websites and landing page in fast and efficient way. Ultimate Addons free download features Extended Google Maps Ultimate Addons nulled extends Visual Composer Google Maps element allowing you to upload your own marker images, write custom HTML within the map info box and control everything regarding the map itself. Fixed Image Background Keeps the image fixed at its position while the other content moves on scroll. Vertical & Horizontal Parallax The background moves at different speed and direction from your content when the user scrolls up and down. Hover Parallax The background follows your cursor movement. Video Background Do you want to play a video in the background of your website page ? No problem Ultimate Addons free download now supports self-hosted and YouTube videos. Multilayer Hover Parallax Let’s you create a real 3D parallax. Ultimate Addons free download instructions In order to download Ultimate Addons for free, just click on the purple big button below and directly download the zip file onto your computer. The download package contains: – Ultimate_Addons_[v3.16.15.0].zip (Size: 6.86 MB). download link: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/0e64fd6e
  18. yasin135

    GET visual composer 5.2.1

    Visual Composer 5.2.1 Free download Page Builder for WordPress September 2, 2017 Free Premium Wordpress Plugins 2 Comments 3,423 Views Free download Visual Composer 5.2.1 Page Builder (updated on: August 02, 2017) is the most popular award winning drag and drop frontend and backend editor for WordPress with LIFETIME UPDATES. Visual Composer has two different editors: Frontend and backend: you can build content on backend or move to complete inline editing at any time. Visual Composer free download, features: Easy to use Drag and Drop Interface Visual Composer interface (UI) is so intuitive that you and your customer will love it. Creating articles and posts is just a matter of seconds and coding is no more required. Multilingual Ready VC is shipped with .po and .mo files, so the translation will be very easy. Library and Template System Why creating everything from scratch everytime, with Visual Composer nulled it is possible to save layouts and sections to reuse over and over again saving a lot of time. Access Template Library for free downloadable layout templates crafted by web design professionals and updated regularly. User Role Manager Visual Composer free download allows you to determine which user or user group can use it. In addition you can manage WordPress default and custom roles. Custom Post Types and Taxonomies support Works with any post type (post, page, video etc.)… and any taxonomy Lifetime Update – Free of Charge Wpbakery offers automatic updates, for free. Up ate Visual Composer as soon as a new release comes up and get latest versions and enhancements. Visual Composer free download instructions In order to download free Visual Composer 5.2.1, just click on the purple big button below and directly download the zip file onto your computer. The download package contains: – Visual Composer v 5.2.1.zip (Size: 9.5 MB). download link: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/862bb922
  19. Essential Grid 2.1.6 free download –WordPress Grid Plugin August 7, 2017 Free Premium Wordpress Plugins Leave a comment 596 Views Free download Essential Grid nulled v. 2.1.6 an all-purpose grid building solution for WordPress that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customizable grid Essential Grid free download features Essential Grid example skins Essential Grids free download possibilities are almost limitless. In order to give you a small taste of all the possible applications, Themepunch created over 30 example skins that are included in the package: blog, portfolio, media gallery, WooCommerce shop, price tables, services, product slider, video grids. Visual skin editor Free Essential grid also comes with a full-blown, visual skin editor which allows you create any number of additional skins. You can build skins either from scratch or based upon one of the included skins. Meta data import export tool With Essential Grid nulled you can easily import or export your grid, skin, meta data for usage in themes or easily moving them to another WordPress installation. All-Purpose Usage Boxed, Full-Width, Full-Screen Layouts Adjustable Rows/Columns/Spacings Images, Youtube & Vimeo Video, HTML5 Self-Hosted Video, iFrame Content Content Sources: Post, Custom Post, Pages, WooCommerce, Gallery Various Animation Types & Preloaders 25+ Example Skins Included Responsive & Mobile Optimized Visual Skin Editor: Build and Customize own Skins easily Easily Import / Export Skins Include Custom Skins with Plugin Install, One-Click Installer Essential Grid free download instructions In order to download Essential Grid for free, just click on the purple big button below and directly download the zip file onto your computer. The download package contains: – Essential_Grid_[v2.1.6].zip (Size: 1.6 MB). download: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/0R1tzQno/file.html
  20. WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin Version: 2.8.13 Looking for a Faster Website? Thanks to Our Plugin, WordPress has never been so Efficient. Don’t waste your time struggling with complex plugin settings. WP Rocket launches upon activation – minimal configuration, immediate results. Cache Preloading Because our crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache, the indexing of your website by search engines is instantly improved. Images on Request Images are loaded only as your visitor scrolls down the page, improving the load time of the page. YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and other major websites are using this technique. Now yours can too. Static Files Compression WP Rocket reduces the weight of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files through minification. Lighter files means faster load time! Developer friendly WP Rocket’s code is developed according to WordPress best practices. It is clean, commented and has loads of hooks so developers can easily make advanced customizations. Changelog: 2.8.13 Regression fix: correctly clear the cache again when updating a post Fix: Prevent an issue with lazy loading on the in-app browser of Facebook app on Android Fix: Prevent an issue with some dates URL to be purged when the permalink structure doesn’t have a trailing slash Fix: Don’t display WP Rocket in the CloudFlare header when white label is active Infos and Preview: https://wp-rocket.me/ DOWNLOAD: http://uploadboy.com/o19n2dw0xl13/2588/zip
  21. Version 1.4.5


    This update will automatically update your plugins from version to 1.4.5. To have your plugins updated without errors, have the plugins version only remplace files Have fun !


  22. Hello, I would like to sell the following plugin with its original license that allows unlock features and automatic updates in WordPress: MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress Plugin URL: https://codecanyon.net/item/mymail-email-newsletter-plugin-for-wordpress/3078294 Price in CodeCanyon: $40,00 SALE PRICE: $22,00 Payment via deposit into my PayPal or Neteller account. After confirmation, sending the plugin and the license code for the updates. original plugin, only 1 item for sale! Interested parts please contact me here with a inbox message. Thank you all for your attention and thanks to Bestblackforum by the announcement space. DocOc
  23. Reach Your Customers via Facebook Notification Tray. According to the early tests, Facebook claims online business have seen up to 180% higher retention when users opt into receiving the push notifications.Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/alba-facebook-push-notification/20015078 Download from Zippyshare http://www120.zippyshare.com/v/ejbm7Rq3/file.html
  24. ULTIMATE AFFILIATE PRO - Main Features: Ranks with Achievements - Classify your affiliates into separate ranks and assign a different commission level. Each Affiliate can be promoted to the next Rank once reached the Achievements. Unlimited Affiliates - There is no limit for your number of Affiliates that can promote your products and services. Custom Amount - Set a Percentage or Flat Amount for each Rank, Offer or custom commission, such a MLM rewards. Special Offers - Affiliates can earn different commissions based on which product/s are purchased. The Offer can be limited by a Date Range. Multi-level Marketing - Turn On your Affiliate platform into a MLM system that will boost your own affiliates to recruit new leads. Based on your needs there can be set a UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix system. Lifetime Commissions - Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer. Now worries anymore about Cookies or different browsers. Performance Bonuses - Set bonus commissions when one of your Affiliate touch a specific Rank or when he signUp for the first time. Each Rank may have a different Bonus. Banners Management - Provides different Banners that will help your Affiliates to promote your products and services on any website with an embedded code. PayPal Payouts - Pay your Affiliates their earnings via PayPal directly from Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just few clicks. Choose to pay specific Referrals or the entire Deposit. Stripe Payouts - Pay your US Affiliates their earnings via Stripe directly from Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just few clicks. Recurring Referrals - Award Commissions for recurring subscriptions into Membership systems with a custom amount and a different one from one Rank to another. Allow Own Referrals - Allow for your Affiliate to earn commissions from their own referrals. Signup Referrals - Available for Membership system awarding a flat commission when referred user sign Up. Social Share - Integrated with Social Share&Locker provides Share button options for your Affiliate to share their Affiliate Links on Social Network. OptIn Integration - 9 Email Marketing Platforms integrated where you can store your Affiliates Emails for further Newsletter campaigns. Landing Commission - Special module to cover any desired workflow by reward the affiliates based on a Landing Page, such a successful register or complete payment stage. Wallet - Affiliates will have the options to spend their Earnings directly into the Website during further purchases based on Generated Coupons with specific flat discount. Affiliate Coupons - Correlate an Affiliate with a WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download or Ultimate Membership Pro coupon code to be rewarded when a customer use that Coupon into your systems. Affiliate Custom Slug - Provides Personal slugs besides the default username or ID so Affiliates can hide their identity or company name behind a Custom slug. Friendly Affiliate Links - Affiliates will be able to use friendly links instead of the default one with a better looking structure when the link is shared and much easier to read. Fair Checkout Reward - Customers decides who affiliate will be rewarded during the Checkout process. BuddyPress Account Page - Integrate the Affiliate Account Page section directly into BudyPress Account page as a regular tab. WooCommerce Account Page - Integrate the Affiliate Account Page section directly into WooCommerce Account page as a regular tab. Custom Currency - If your Currency is not available into the system, you can add your own currency for further use. Top Affiliates - Provides public list with your top affiliates ordered by Earning, Referrals or Visits with 10 predefined templates. Custom Fields Form - Multiple Custom Fields types that will provide a fully customized Register Form. Account Page - Over 15 Menu tab with different options and fully customizable based on 2 predefined Templates and specific sections. Affiliate Info - There are many shortcodes that will help you to display for each logged Affiliate personal Info all over the website. Translation Ready - Ultimate Affiliate Pro is ready to work into any language being fully translation ready. Reports - Detailed Affiliate reports or payments stats for Admin and each Affiliate into Account Page. Notifications - Email Notifications for different actions or stages to Affiliates and system Admin. In the Future Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice new features. Requirements If you want to use Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.0+, and install the plugin. Updates Log Version 3.1 ADD Referrer Link Module ADD Maximum Amount Module ADD Custom Account Page tabs Module ADD Tracking for WooCommerce Subscriptions Improve Account Page workflow Improve Forms Design & Comatibility Improve Admin Bar workflow Version 3.0 ADD Pushover Notification module ADD Export Payout Transactions Fix Help tab label Fix Notification content encoding Improve DataBase workflow Improve UAP Dashboard Version 2.9 ADD new Stripe Payout system Manage Accounts ADD Affiliate ID into UAP Dashboard ADD User ID into Referrals tab Improve LifeTime Commission workflow ADD Email Address into MLM Table Version 2.8 Fix Avatar remove process Improve Notifications Email header Improve LifeTime Commission module Improve Ranks workflow Improve Referral Amount calculation Version 2.7 ADD Time to Referrals Fix Email Verification workflow Fix Custom CSS for Register From Improve errors on Register Form Version 2.6 ADD OptIn ActiveCapmaign option ADD WP Social Login Integrations ADD Shortcode attributes for Showcases Improve Register step ADD Login Templates ADD Register Templates Improve Dashboard workflow Improve MultiSite workflow Improve Install Setup module Improve LandingCommission workflow Version 2.5 Fix Links with www. Improve UAP Dashboard Fix Wallet workflow Improve Custom Slug Module Improve PayPal Payout workflow Improve Design Fix Logout button Version 2.4 Fix Fair CheckOut required condition Improve SignUp for websites with SSL Fix Banner Image Improve Links inside the Account page content Improve Admin Bar display Improve Admin notifications Email Header Improve DB structure Immprove JS workflow Improve WooCommerce MyAccount integration Version 2.3 Improve MLM system for general Register process Fix special generated Usernames for Affiliate Links Fix big Amount values Fix wrong TOS set during Register process Improve Delete Notification Version 2.2 Improve Setup module Improve Account Page top section Fix Referral pagination list Improve MLM UniLevel matrix workflow Fix Upload files script Version 2.1 ADD Source Details magic feature ADD Dashboard Shortcuts Improve Account Page design Fix select2.js file error Improve Upload button workflow Improve Admin workflow Fix Generate friendly Links Fix Account Page warning message Improve Offers workflow Improve Coupons workflow Improve Payout module Version 2.0 Improve Dashboard design ADD Country Custom Field ADD Top Section Templates for Account Page ADD Show Total Earnings on Top Account Page ADD Show Total Referrals on Top Account Page ADD Show Total Achievements on Top Account Page ADD Show Country Flas on Top Account Page ADD new Template for Menu section of Account Page ADD Footer Section for Account Page Fix Offers Currency display Version 1.9.1 Fix Users Payout display Fix WooCommerce Orders management Fix Coupons delete Improve Fair CheckOut Reward affiliate validation. Version 1.9 ADD MLM Graph Matrix Display ADD Referral Notification Module ADD Perioadically Reports Module ADD QR Code Module ADD Email Verification module ADD Dashboard Notifications counts ADD Swicth from Affiliate to simple user button Fix Social Share integration ADD Counts on Dasbhoard Improve Dashboard Workflow ADD Testing Mail Server option Version 1.8 ADD BuddyPress Account Page Integration ADD WooCommerce Account Page Integration Improve Deleting Affiliates Improve 3rd party integration Improve MLM module Improve MLM check Matrix ADD Option to hide required Payment message ADD Option to Disable Bank Transfer ADD Default Payment Service Improve Bonus on Rank feature Improve Referral Amount calculation Improve Account Page Responsive workflow Fix Delete Avatar button Version 1.7 ADD Wallet module ADD Fair Checkout Reward ADD Commission 0 for Referrals ADD Top Affiliates module ADD Referral Link to Reference Fix Custom Affiliate Slug ADD Custom Fields Value Order option Improve MLM Levels amount for each Rank Improve SignUp Referrals amount for each Rank Improve LifeTime Commission amount for each Rank Improve Recurring Referrals amount for each Rank Version 1.6 ADD Affiliates Coupon tracking ADD Custom Currency module ADD Excluding Taxes&Shipping Amount ADD Custom Affiliate Slug ADD Friendly Affiliates URLs ADD Auto Register Affiliates for any new Registered Users Version 1.5 Fix Offers Adds for special DB servers Improve Uninstall script Version 1.4 ADD "Landing Commissons" module ADD Auto-Redirection+Auto-Redirection ADD Custom Referral status for "SignUp Referrals" ADD Custom Referral status for "Bonus on Ranks" ADD Admin Workflow - Referrals status Version 1.3 Fix Account Warning Message Fix SignUp Referral Status ADD custom Referral Status for SingUp Referrals Improve Dashboard workflow Version 1.2 ADD direct integration into Ultimate Membership Pro Dashboard and Account Page Improve Ranks workflow Improve Add offers Version 1.1 ADD New Notifications Template ADD Notifications Options ADD "Become Affiliate" button into WP Users page Improve CSS Templates and Showcases ADD New Shortcodes Improve restrict Access into WP Dashboard ADD Custom Access into WP Dashboard Improve Error notifications Improve Account Page Improve manual Referrals Insert Improve manual Users Insert CREDITS: - FontAwesome - Bootstrap Responsive - jQuery Flot - ReCaptcha
  25. Snow Effects is a WordPress plugin allow display Snow efffects for Slider Revolution FEATURES: - 7 effects to choose - compatible with Slider Revolutin - display anywhere - easy to use - mobile friendly - more options... HOW IT WORKS: Snow Effects for Slider Revolution using some jquery library to make snow effects. Make your slider look cool CHANGELOG: 12/14/2016: (version 1.2) - Fixed: Snow effect display left position of the screen - Update: Each slider can select each snow effect 12/22/2015: (version 1.1) - Added: End date for snow effect 12/16/2015: (version 1.0) - Version 1.0 Initial Release

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