WoWonder Update Pack


This post will guide you in updating your WoWonder installation from any version between - 2.2 to 2.2.1 (latest). I have been asked by so many people for this post… And now, here it is!

The first thing you need to do is download all of the nulled update packs. I spent a lot of time testing these, but if you have any issues with any of the files, comment below and someone will help you.


Backup everything! I can not stress this enough. Anything could go wrong and your website would just be gone. Again, backup everything!

Some files will have an update.php file, these require a purchase code which rxgliitch has taken the time to null. I (CRIMSON501) have removed the backdoor from all of the update files and tested all of these files thoroughly. When you go to the update.php file make sure you have copied and replaced all of the files in your install before you run the updater. To run the updater all you have to do is enter any purchase code.


I recommend you install 7-zip which I use for all of my zip file operations on Windows 10, however, I cannot vouch for how good it is on other operating systems such as Ubuntu. Once you have 7-zip you can go into the WoWonder Updates (versions) / (version) / script and select all of the files and add them to a zip. Now when you upload the zip it should automatically overwrite the current directory, at least that’s the way I always do it!

Download WoWonder Update Pack

WoWonder Updates (50.6 MB)

WoWonder 2.2 Nulled
WoWonder 2.2 Nulled

thank you mate.let me check


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I know that many are not so considerate in thanking you for taking this time to cancel the door flames, thanks and excellent input.



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Updated to version 2.2.1


Thank you so much boss. I cannot thank you enough for everything, keep up the good work. I will download this now and update my website right away.

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