Wowonder: Help/info needed Adding games



Ive been trying to add games to the games section from the site suggested by the script author.
Ive tried lots of the games there but have not had any luck adding any of them,it just returns an error.
Has anyone here successfully added any games to there site.
If possible could u share info or links you used to successfully add them.
just thought it might help other members who having the same issue to add games easier to


A screenshot or log of the error would be more helpful


this is one of the games i tried adding so u can see the links im trying to use

this is the error after i submit the game to be added

Hi @sabin72246 i hope they help in some way because its confusing me why none seem to work


pm me the contents of your .htaacess file and link to your website ( I will keep it safe )


Cheers i have sent u a message like u asked @sabin72246


witch version of WoWonder do you use ?. I am using v2.0.3 and most off the Games from miniclip are working fine.


im starting to think its the host im using its only a freehost lol
i need to find another one to try before i find a good one that i pay for