WoWonder API script

Here is API script that is used to verify wowonder codes .
these files are encoded and are not for commercial use / please do not sell or ask money to anyone.
use it for free ( sharing is caring)

I have provided 2 files purchase.php and verify.php both are encoded.

Purchase.php : this file needs a license key i.e using another key will not verify your code. and it will only verify wowonder script not apps.
Usage : /purchase.php?

verify.php : it can be used to verify wowonder script with any key or without key just put anything in purchase code.
Usage : /verify.php?anythingORabcde ( just put any key or value after ? )

Download php file and upload to your server ( ioncube loader is required to process these files)
Suppose you have uploaded files to ( or verify.php )
Change API url in wowonder script …
Search for : ( )
Replace with :
Remove : . ‘&url=’ . $siteurl ( if you are using purchase.php

For more help comment below.

Download | (5.1 KB)

** Let me know if you need help **


Heyy !! I have WoWonder License API emulator… It does the work… It is able to verify all requested key or add the valid keys

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Bonjour ami ou je doit changer wo_api_script
pouvez-vous donner renseignement merci

Hello friend or I must change wo_api_script
can you give information thank you

its written in descreption —

unzip archive you will get 2 files and use them ,
you need to host them on your server you can also place in wowonder installed dir or on main domain
and then change api url in wowonder script

Merci ami a bientôt
Thank you friend soon

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Bonjour excuser-moi dans quelle répertoire je doit installer "veryfi est purchase ?

Hello excuse me in which directory I must install "veryfi is purchase?
thank you

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Where ever you want - you have to change url of api in wowonder script.
You can upload verify.php in wowonder directiory .

Where app.php ?

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The problem with we crackers & nullers share the bypassing steps making the authors tighten security of some scripts which can take sometime to figure out workarounds in nulling. If you know how to null, keep it for yourself and share the nulled script, I personally I can crack and null virtually anything on CodeCanyon and themeforest but I have no time sharing my exploits, I use them for my own benefit & few others who happen to lay hands on my resources

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Yup - I understand and agreed.
I have not share sourcecode.
These files are just to check ! Does it work.
It was encoded with ioncube - And file was valid for 24 hours.
Now its expired…

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Okay fine, I haven’t tested yet

fake verification is simple, just some line code.

pls give me Wowonder Video Autoplay on scroll

Bonjour, merci pour le templat FB je sais pas ou je doit installer wo_api_script ? besoin d’ aide
merci a vous.

Hello, thank you for the templat FB, I do not know where I should install wo_api_script? Need help
thank you

hey will this allow for apps to work? please ive been trying for months :frowning:

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yes it will work for older version of app.

but in new apps they have changed how apps connect to website.
You need a bas64encoded sting that includes domain name and license key. used in app.