Would like to start hosting company with other enthusiastic codders

Hi everyone! First off thank you for taking the time too read this. I would like to start a web hosting service as well as a CDN service but I am wondering if I have any takers too possible start a team? I’ve thought of a name already (TheHostingTeam) slogan ‘Your Local Hosting Team’ and I have 3 of my own hosting sites already I have already done this my self and continue to still keep my services running for my clients as is!!! BUT I would like to be able to get a team of 4-6+ bbf members who would like to start up a company here how it works!!!
(Please look at www.heliohost.org as this is one of my company’s that started same way :grin:)

  1. buy a vps at 5$ 1gb ram 25gb SSD with this we can charge 1$ a GB of SSD and or 1$ for 2gb
    1.alternative) we offer dedicated and or shared VPS or shared hosting on VPS up charge on all sales to make profit and when a client buys a dedicated or shared VPS we launch it in our panel.
  2. after said SSD is up or first 10$ is made we launch our next VPS ether running same specs and or go one up and buy a 1gb ram 50gb SSD VPS and do as above in step one!
  3. this goes on until we have enough servers 1/3 - 2/3 of all income goes back into TheHostingTeam’s ‘wallet’ to keep the company going as any successful business owner will tell you!



  1. we use digitalocean.com to run the services and create a team!

With digitalocean you are able to add users to single account so everyone has there own sign-in meaning no hassles with logins. We can all access the dashboard and create,edit,deploy as a team and faster then any other company we would set up WHMCS so clients may sign-up / login / access tickets and there paid for services

Any questions or takers please feel free to reply but if really interested please goto http://stormcloud.cf:3000 sign up and mmg me there so we can further brainstorm this!!!