Whoo wood like to buy bbf?

@savas as a I.t specialist and from someone who has been developing infrastructures and websites as long as my self I can provide cheaper means of hosting and you must appoint ones you can trust too keep your amazing work going I know I’m here and there but I will do what ever I need to help keep your site alive! I can easily run through DMCA non compliant hosting for 5-10$ a month as long as there’s a CDN we can link too for files if not then price would be more to host but it can be done within the community no need to sell this site. It would be a tragedy too let someone else own bbf :sob: I know I’m not speaking just for my self when I say this but if I have too track u somehow and come too your house to tell you face to face to not sell then challenge accepted because we have a family here and great workers(nullers)

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@savas please let me know as to what your plans are my man

sad to hear that!

wow, sad hear that…

i think we need more admin here

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