Whoo wood like to buy bbf?

Hello bbf members whoo like to buy bestblackforum?
I geting less and less time to administrate bbf and thinking to sell it and stai in forum as member … so offer your price and future plans …

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What a sad news!

I think we should re-create it with new platform and new Ideas I would love to contribute :slight_smile:

no…no…@savas we are here to contribute up to our best level pls dont take any wrong decisions and bbf need any support in moderation im here to hard work for bbf if you wish

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Just migrate from discourse to something else.

I think this is the cleanest and best forum you can find out there… The thing is there is a lot of DMCA takedown requests that are aimed at this forum, which make things too risky for ppl like me to upload nulled stuff here… the best thing you can do as an Admin is to

  • Change the domain name (avoid names like blackhat, hacker, nulled, etc you get the idea, in order to stay low key) and disable search engine indexing.
  • Create a discord group and invite only trusted people and give them access to the new domain name, this way you are sure the forum will not get hijacked and reported by devs from codecanyon etc.
  • Make the forum Invite only so only trusted people that are already members have the ability to accept new members. this again will reduce DMCA takedowns and spies.
    *Open a 1-3$ per month Patreon page so can we support the forum, admins will be able to collect funds to buy new scripts and pay devs in the community to null them. this will make the forum less greedy, again, avoid blacklisted words like blackforum or nulledforum, etc when opening the patreon page, or else you will get your patreon page banned.

Hope my suggestions helped

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the discourse is the best so its not considering opinion :smiley:

I’m not afraid DMCA :smiley:

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I am owner of former DMCA affected website(Suvooh.com) then also my website ranked top 1000 in India.
I have experience much more than you.
If you want I can buy your site but before that contact me at suvoohmag@gmail.com

Appointing managers who can control the forum, no need to sell

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Aye we are with you , appoint more stuff members to take control over forums.
i am free again i will do my best in forums .


@ADH you are a moderator of bbf :smiley:


Always there to help you bro and our forum Family.

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50$ and no hosting required.


is it your offer ? :smiley:

100$ yes is my offer with no hosting.

its more cost to hold it per month :smiley:

You can go to the supermarket and see what you can get for $100!

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I think You Should Appoint Administrator. If You sell it You may regret your Actions Latdrv which might be too late