Who can help me with this


who can help me with this

dear people I am looking for.
a system on my website where people can log in and then go straight to their own folder on the website where everything stand.
people can not get into other folders than just their own folder.

briefly summarized what I am looking for
1 a log in script that I can post on my website.
2 people can log in to the website and go directly to their own folder.
3 I as admin can in all folders and can do everything in it like jpeg, jpg, ping, docx, word documents, pdf and more.

who can help me to find this and know where I can find it


Beedrive will provide you with the functionality you requested you can access all file via admin panel users can upload content to there own cloud drive.

codecanyon-12700384-bedrive-file-sharing-and-cloud-storage.zip (30.2 MB)

If you need any help setting it up post back here


be sure not to use free hosting for bedrive… they have some php functions disabled which bedrive needs to install and run


thank you for this message
toppie this is super just what I need toppie thanks

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