Which movie stream script is being used

Hi, I was wonderig if anyone knew which movie streaming script is being used by the following sites:

I’d like to see if we can get a copy here
Thanks in advance

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I have a bunch of similar sites
1- seriesflix.me
2- maxmovies24.com
3- veranimetv.com
4- esanime.net
5- pelisplustv.me

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Hi, do you know what they are using?

Welcome, No.

AVS Adult script nulled


There are Stream scripts on codecanyon in nulled will see

These 2 sites are not adult streams. It basic movies and TV series. They are really nice and I wanted to setup a personal similar site to make sure the kids don’t get those nasty pop-ups many of the streaming sites send you t.

where do they sell this script?

mate, I don’t even know what the script is that’s why I’m asking the question if anyone knew what they were doing.

The site listed above dont use any kind of back end there all based on PHP & Various Bootstraps. the only one that does use any kind of back end is seriesflix.me which actually uses Wordpress.

So its going to be very unlikley you will find any kind of script for them. If your wanting something for yourself so kids can watch I would consider PLAYTUBE or OVOO or as @unknown said Adult Video Scrpt althought it states adult video script there is a non adult version as well.

Thanks, I’ll try the Non Adult version of the Adult Video script to see how I go. Btw seriesflix.me looks nice but when I checked it on one the wp checker sites, it claims it wasn’t a wp site. Additionally because flixtor.to and flixtor.cc are not the same owners, the site looks alike, so I assumed it must have been a common video cms. Thanks again, I’ll let you know how I go with the non adult script

Seriesflix.me probably uses wordpress in the background somewhere the actual website could just be based on PHP & Generic Bootstap, download Wappalyzer for chrome and it will tell you what if any source websites are using. I tend to look at the HTML source this usually gives a clue.


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Wish Someone knew the name