Where can I find a website in this way?


I wanted to know where I can find a theme or an easy to use anime template that can upload content and can be grouped with other chapters ect, a template would also be useful.
One of the examples that I look for are not similar but they can give functionality.

jkanime.net and animeflv.net
I’ve also searched in google but I have not had the luck to find one that works properly.

It would be nice if he would give me a hand.


Hey, search for either one of the following wordpress themes “gameleon wordpress theme” or “sahifa wordpress theme” both are rich, and can be used to develop an anime site, gameleon is superior and supports swf, flv, mpeg, mp4, etc.


This script is not a theme, and I have two, connect with me on the Whatsapp from here: +201066727749, I will show you a demo and agree on the price,
my greetings