What social networking system is better?

What social networking system is best for you…

  • Wowonder
  • Breeze
  • PHPFox
  • Sngine
  • SocialNetwork
  • Crea8social
  • Socialkit

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BBF old system results

Elgg for free Social Network (Keep it simple), Wowonder for best nulled / paid scripts. and not to forget phpfox I love v3. Remember that admin panel, it worked. With v4 they went down hill. The beta’s were slow. could do much and the shout box was an app you had to install. I haven’t tested the newest one’s. pfpfox is more expensive when you decide to buy it. Wowonder rocks. woth the $100. SocialEngin has a lot of module’s. but its like trying to change wordpress into buddypress. its add on + Modules all over the place. Thats my 2c