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I tried to send you PM @savas @W3bbi3 - but i cant find any option.

I can help you .
Just because BFF is better community . Others are crap and money making business - with points / purchase system.

Why will someone buy a item from forum instead of codecanyon ???

Why should we buy a VIP FORUM ACCOUNT that itself uses nulled IPB ???


Click on his username the option to send a private message appears in there


its easy :smiley:


Its Super easy :laughing:
but i am not allowed to send message after composing it says…
You are not allowed to send private message to this user.


oh ok i investigate it sorry about that system is new :smiley: its maby the users with the trust lvl 0 is restricted

yap FAQ - BestBlackForum.com it is you need spend more time in bbf to be promoted to trusted lvl 1 :smiley:


is there any way to download files from old BBF when i don’t remember my acc credentials? I can’t log in and download… :frowning:

tbh this engine is better than old IPB, is more responsive and lighter than it :smiley: GJ!


I guess , most of the files are available in this (new) website.

If you still need help , ask admin.


Hey bro,
Hopefully you are doing fine? Congrats, though i have not tested this website yet, but i think this is a good switch ;))