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I tried to send you PM @savas @W3bbi3 - but i cant find any option.

I can help you .
Just because BFF is better community . Others are crap and money making business - with points / purchase system.

Why will someone buy a item from forum instead of codecanyon ???

Why should we buy a VIP FORUM ACCOUNT that itself uses nulled IPB ???

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Click on his username the option to send a private message appears in there

its easy :smiley:

Its Super easy :laughing:
but i am not allowed to send message after composing it says…
You are not allowed to send private message to this user.

oh ok i investigate it sorry about that system is new :smiley: its maby the users with the trust lvl 0 is restricted

yap FAQ - BestBlackForum.com it is you need spend more time in bbf to be promoted to trusted lvl 1 :smiley:


is there any way to download files from old BBF when i don’t remember my acc credentials? I can’t log in and download… :frowning:

tbh this engine is better than old IPB, is more responsive and lighter than it :smiley: GJ!

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I guess , most of the files are available in this (new) website.

If you still need help , ask admin.

Hey bro,
Hopefully you are doing fine? Congrats, though i have not tested this website yet, but i think this is a good switch ;))

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old system was alot better than this new system.

Agreed IPB far superior


dear hackers and persons who help poor peoples.
my friend has web site and i want help him install date web site. but it cost much money i i help my friend only with 10 euros, becouse i dont have work from more 4 years. quickdate and wowonder are very much money. include i tell my friend for cpanel with whcm, but it is much money 5x euros or 6x euros every month. my mother gain every month working 3xx euros, we have to eat food, pay water, energy. my friend toodont work… can someone put complete cpanel with all whcm… ivan my friend want try sell domains and try date site… please dont put malware, backdoor and etc. we dont understand why person null php and put backdoor. if you are gonna null php then don’t put backoor. if you want to enter illegaly in other person computer, then enter illegaly in fbi, cia, nsa… if peoples want to enter illegaly then enter in nsa, fbia, cia… if you want to demonstrate you are hacker. then do it. thank on every person who is behind best forum… that make posible people have it… and learn how program work.


How may i help? Kinda tell!!

Are you Pyth@n from Team SB?

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Sorry mate its Complicated -.
If you need some help can PM me.

private message dont show in my account? please help me