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Dear BBF :bbf: users

We know how much you love our website :love_you_gesture:

@Savas and myself @W3bbi3 have spoken a lot about our platform that we use for bestblackforum.com and have come to a decision that we are going to change our platform. We will be working hard over the next few months to migrate our content over to our new platform

We can only transfer certain material and the reason to why we are contacting you is we can’t merge users.

So we would love to see you all again on our new platform and join our growing community

Kind regards
@Savas and @W3bbi3

Site administrators :male_detective:

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #2

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #3


The migration has started :slight_smile: reregister to new system and if you got som important posts on old sytem then you can temporary accsess it there https://old.bestblackforum.com and repost it to new system …

all support and Frequently Asked Questions can be given … welcome


P.S. first 50 users are automatly promoter to trust lvl 1 :slight_smile: hurry up …


Good work guys, i found some interesting stuff on the old group and hopefully it can be transferred here.
Im most interested in all things or wowonder.
i seen there was a dating addon and others things so i cant wait for that all to be moved here :wink:


trust :smile:

welcome to new forum


Wow, nice.
Welcome to new forum :smiley: haha


Welcome guys ! :stuck_out_tongue:

New forum best theme -


Are you adding new section?

I have content to share for pack FONT / Graphic that I bought.

A section Unity Assets / Unreal engine to share scripts / nulled content for game developers like cgpersia? That would be really cool. @savas


Thank you all team members for the awesome work i really felt love wit BBF


so can you name the categories you need?



  • Game assets

Sub-category :

  1. U4 Assets (Unreal engine 4)

  2. Unity3D Assets


with the TAG [ASSETS] or [MODEL3D]

Like this, a person who shares assets from Marketplace Unreal engine 4 or Unity Store, will be able to publish share assets via an external host with a mandatory presentation as an example:

  • [ASSET] Environment Pack 22.4

  • Image / preview of the store’s asset + link to the store page of the asset.

  • Link download

  • Then with the possibility of edited the links broken.


BestBlackForum.com - BBF tags be aded little bit laiter :wink:


Yes ahah thank you ! -(:

I will be able to start sharing my assets: P


Otherwise I even more simple add the tag for the different game engine?
TAG [UE4] [UNITE] would it be easier to know which assets for which engine? @savas


Activation emails not being sent to outlook addresses had to change email to gmail. just a heads up little dissapointed about the switch to be honest. but im sure ill get used to it.


Yeah, if @savas didn’t change the provider he may have met his email limit.


Social logins also not working another heads up ha ha app isnt setup im guessing they just aint got round to it yet.