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About snip – the Rich Snippets and Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

snip is an innovative structured data plugin for WordPress that adds JSON+LD formatted snippets to your website. This is needed to help search engines understand the content on your page and give them explicit clues about the meaning of it.

Some of that structured data will show so called “Rich Snippets” or “Rich Search Results” like stars, images and a lot more . Not only will this push your search results forward, using structured data is also a ranking factor of all major search engines, too.

What the heck is Structured Data?

As mentioned above, Structured Data allows search engines to understand what is on your pages. It is part of so called technical SEO (search engine optimization). It This helps not only Googles but crawlers like Amazons Alexa and Apples Siri to find the right answers to a question. As you can see: Structured Data is important for voice search , too! And this kind of things a more important than ever! Time to get started right now!

Learn more about Structured Data in my free Structured Data Training now!

Why do I need a rich snippet plugin?

In short:

  • To get better rankings on search engines.
  • To make your search results more pretty.
  • To outrank your competitors.

Of course, structured data is making your search results more pretty! But this isn’t the only use case. Structured data on your website is a raking factor nowadays! is out for years now and has been tested very well. So it’s not a “hype” anymore. Search engines using it frequently as mentioned above.

Who built the Snippet Plugin?

Hey there, my name is Flo.

I’m the developer behind the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin and I’m maintaining it since 2011 ! Yes, I started working with structured data when it wasn’t this popular. But I believed it will be a huge thing in the future and and that’s how it happened.

I searched a long time for a structured data plugin for WordPress but couldn’t find the right one. So I developed it myself almost 7 years ago! And because of you, this plugin still exists. Thanks for your awesome support and your feature requests that keep me going!

This plugin will skyrocket structured data on your site, too! If you have any questions and/or ideas to make this plugin even better, feel free to contact me, write a feature request on the support page or just get started!

WordPress Developer Florian

What are Rich Snippets and Structured Data?

A Rich Snippet displays additional data such as images, star-ratings, etc. in search results. In order to get this to work, you must incorporate (in any of the following open standards: microdata, microformats or RDFa, and JSON-LD ) in your web pages. Sounds complicated? Yes, it is. At least for most people who don’t know how to code. But not with this plugin!

That’s why this the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is made for! Since version 2.0 no coding is needed. No single line. Just the basic knowledge of the schema syntax. Don’t know how this works? I got you covered!

What can the plugin do for me?

A few years ago you would have needed at least a deep understanding of and how to add microdata to your HTML markup. Wow, that was a hard time!

  • Now you can point-an-click your own snippets.
  • You don’t need any coding skills.
  • You don’t need to integrate anything with your theme. It just works.

Sounds nearly impossible, right? But I have a solution to that:

Use the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin today and you don’t need a single line of code ! Just the basic knowledge of the schema syntax. Don’t know how this works? I got you covered! Start the free Structured Training now

What makes this plugin so special?

You can’t find another plugin that can do all of this:

  • Supports the full syntax.
  • Supports all extensions: auto, bib, health, iot, meta and even the pending ones.
  • Global Snippets functionality: Create one snippet and populate them automatically to your posts, pages or custom post types.
  • Overridable properties: Want to overwrite properties from a global snippet on a per-post-basis? Yeah, it just works!
  • Don’t know how to start? I even have a free structured data course. Free for all customers!

Can’t I just use a free plugin for that?

Yes, you could if you:

  • are happy with just making “normal” snippets like stars, recipes, etc.
  • don’t want to create any special snippets like NewsArticles, HowTos, Movies, WebPages, Events, Services, etc.
  • are happy how other plugins and themes are layouting stuff in the frontend.

To sum it up: if you want the total freedom: use SNIP, the number one Rich Snippets and Structured Plugin for WordPress on the market.

What do customers say?

Latest, awesome updates

Last minor update: Feb. 15, 2019.

  • Feb. 2019: New predefined snippets: Sitelink Searchbox, Breadcrumbs for posts, Breadcrumbs for pages, Carousel for archive- and search-pages
  • Feb. 2019: Looping functionality to automate schema-attribute generation (ie. for breadcrumbs)
  • Dec. 2018: 10+ Training videos for free!
  • Dec. 2018: New layout to make it even more easy to create Structured Data
  • Nov. 2018: Product Reviews for WooCommerce
  • Sept. 2018: AMP support
  • Sept: 2018: More WooCommerce support
  • Aug. 2018: Partial Gutenberg support and big developer update
  • Feb. 2018: Super duper inline-help with feature request; EU privacy update
  • Dec. 2017: Partial WooCommerce; 5-star / 100-star rating widget
  • Aug. 2017: Version 2.0 point & click version!
  • Nov. 2012: Initial release
  • View the full version history

Requirement notes:

  • Please read the requirements before you buy (PHP 7, etc.).
  • There is no guarantee that Rich Snippets will show up on your search results as this is totally up to the search engines.

Structured data news

Read the full news blog

Awesome fact in February ‘19

Google is testing Event Rich Snippets on Desktop.

Awesome fact in January ‘19

Google has a new “Rich Media” Tool

Awesome fact in December ‘18

Q&A Rich Snippets arrived in Googles Search Results

Awesome fact in September ‘18

Bing has announced, that their Webmaster Tools now has a JSON+LD tool that allows everyone to check if the structured data, that has been included on a site, has a valid syntax.

Awesome fact in May ‘18

Last month SearchEngineJournal wrote about the fact that structured data can improve targeting. And the coolest thing is that Google confirmed it! Here are some more facts

Awesome fact from Nov. ‘17

From a research paper put together with the team at WordLift, presented at SEMANTiCS 2017, TorqueMag documented that structured data is compelling from the digital marketing standpoint.

For the design-focused website, after three months of using structured data and Rich Snippets on their WordPress website they saw the following improvements:

  • +12.13% new users
  • +18.47% increase in organic traffic
  • +2.4 times increase in page views
  • +13.75% of sessions duration.

Isn’t it awesome? You can do it, too! With this plugin.