Selling New NSA(Private) Hack tools


Hello dear mother flowers,
Im selling private NSA(Hack tools) which are new and it’s private that means im the only one who have it. These hack tools are 100% tested and they are powerfuller than EthernalBlue!
If you are interested in buying it, just contact me on twitter.


Can you share some screanshots ore video ?


hi there, ADH here
what if i provide you these tools for free?


ac1 ac2

I can provide for free!!

Crack , null means to share not to sell.


Share as much as possible for free then we can delete bbf marketplace category :smiley:

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good job


hi thanks for the tools, but why you want sell it, don’t want people has it free. Look in real life. in usa in urgency if you don’t have 600 $, they will not check you. This is urgency and mean they need to help you free. I have been kicked from women with closed punch directy in my head. catalunya justce system didnt jail them. now i have to pay evey week 55 euros for osteopat so he can repir the presure in my head. he commemt me he wanr to help me " but put your brain in work, what is help. help is free and. what will happend if you dont have money, this mean he will not help you.


share the tools please


Hey, those arent public tools so I cant leak them.


How much ? I need the tools.


hello @hitman Do you have a question that you can extract files from a game source files server?

do we need to pull the game files from the source server to see these files?


You can get it free if you follow me on his free credit 100 dollar

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