Secret Document


Hello, I’m selling a Secret Document of World War 2 & World War 1.
Contact me if you want to buy it.



What we will benefit from


Not very secret you just told everyone ha ha


wait, what? XD


I’m not like you. And Only CIA and Some other agencies know about this secret and A secret is secret it can’t be exposed like that.


Also this secret is expensive. Only big agencies can buy this document. And It belongs to United States.


Why you use gmail? if it was a secret, google can take over your file :grinning:


good job i dont play those games then… ha ha


Hey, I won’t send it through gmail. I said Contact Me through Gmail NOT that Ill send it through gmail.


Stop acting like ur the smartest person of the world. Just shut the fuck up Instead.


You really are just plain horrible, how do my comments on your post make out im the smartest person in the world. rethink your wording you tell people you have a secret document but by doing so its no longer a bloody secret is it. Its called Banter, a joke, no need for your rudeness whatsoever…


Fuck Smart People Like you. Now shut the fuck up, I’m tired of ya. Yall took advantage of my kindness. Not just you but everyone did.


You need grow the hell up, Go take your calpol and go back to bed for a few hours maybe then youll wake up on the right side of the bed.


Respect, little kid. :smile:


I don’t want to be a party pooper… But a few posts have gotten a bit out of control as this one has. This is only a forum guys, you all need to chill out and not loose it because someone said something that got a bit under your skin.

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