QuickDate - The Ultimate PHP Dating Platform v1.0



here :sunglasses:


this is not nulled


I checked. Yes nulled :wink:


it is asking for purchased code… I tried to bypass the config file but still redirects to install


Where did you download? :thinking: From savas?


This Is Not Nulled…Ask For Code


From the link you shared


I answered him :slight_smile:


Does login with wowonder works for you?


@s0zque, Link works. What did you mean?


When you are in quickdate… How to login via wowonder site? Like login via facebook. Set up instruction for oauth is incomplete


@s0zque ah understood. There are instruction in Docs - here < find their “Features” more details on how to connect them for Login. :sunglasses:


@Downloading there is no setup for wowonder site on the link you provided. Thanks


Hi, is someone who have quickdate Android version?


I uploaded a nulled version but removed it I can provide you instruxtions on how to null I requires 2 edits to the code however I don’t have the source code to nomor message me for more info in currently on a mobile until Sunday.


The version Savas links to in the post is not nulled and not touched as stated in the title. There is another topic on here with a nulled version if you can’t wait.


Hello. If someone want quickdate Android can Tell me. I have the file


@danielcojocaru, can you share here?


Yes. The file is here: QuickDate_1.2.zip (9.8 MB)
I try to put in VS Pro 2017 but I have 1 error


@danielcojocaru, Show screenshots of the error. What doc in the file no?

We’re fine, no error. I can’t connect to my site. Because there is no key (purchase code).

Who can do nulled in android?