Plugin Colorbox For Wowonder 2.1.1


Plugin Colorbox For Wowonder 2.1.1



Add color to your post in Wowonder

You now can select an infinity diferents of colors and images of background, into of you box (post), where you can create a best style to you status.

in this script you can select the number limit caracters of text, for no do a problem with post that have much text… and a big size


Version for wowonder 2.1.1 9/03/2019

Ok, and where is the download link? :slight_smile:


just below where it says DOWNLOAD :wink: (its blurred out ,just click it and it will show up )


Ahh you got me mate, anyway cheers!


This is working perfectly… thanks @KrisB

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Works Great Thank You…Btw There is no Text Shown in Menu Ref Screenshot


how to remove this properly?


@Samanosuke in themes/wowonder/layout/header/loggedin-header.phtml > link 132. Look for what you need.

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