Please help, php and mysql problem


I have a user table named marv_users
Each user in the table has an ID
Now i want to initiate a row in the table named Anonymous
The anonymous is has a value of 0 and 1

The table and the row has been added with 0 as a default value.

Now,i want to add a checkbox on the website for each logged in user

Checkbox with a label
Post as Anonymous?

When checkbox is clicked,value in Table marv_users,row Anonymous changes to 1 and when unclicked changes back to the default value 0.

How do i do it for each user with different ID’s…

If that is working already, how do i pass it to the website…

Like i want to use it in a comments section

It’s a php IF function…

How do i add it??

Please am i clear enough.??

Please help