PlayTube - The Ultimate PHP Video CMS & Video Sharing Platform v1.7




  • [Added] the ability to set a limit per day for ads.
  • [Added] the ability to block email provider in registeration.
  • [Added] +18 pop up, [enable/disable]
  • [Added] the ability to import videos from (user end).
  • [Added] sort by month, week and year in top videos page.
  • [Added] gif system for videos, (a 4 second gif will show up when user hover on the video thumbnail).
  • [Added] block system, channels can block each other.
  • [Added] the ability to import videos to a sub category.
  • [Added] Digitalocean space support, you can upload videos to Digitalocean.
  • [Added] custom pages, admin can create custom pages.
  • [Added] Manage currencies from admin panel, you can add, edit, and delete any curreny.
  • [Added] Manage sessions, user can manage his sessions from settings.
  • [Added] 2Checkout payment method.
  • [Added] Stripe, and local bank payment method support.
  • [Added] subscription system for channels. User can subscribe to user channel, to view their selling videos.
  • [Fixed] 20+ important bugs. (96.0 MB)

  • [Added] the ability to manage comments from admin panel.
  • [Added] ability to add dailymotion meta tag id from the admin panel.
  • [Added] support for PHP 7.3+
  • [Improved] Sidebar in watch page, and search system, now tags and description are being used.
  • [Fixed] 20+ important bugs. (84.2 MB) (84.2 MB)

  • [Added] Movies system, now admin can add movies, manage movies categories, sell movies to users.
  • [Added] pagination system, now all videos load thru pagination system and not thru “load more videos” button.
  • [Added] the ability to upload a demo video for videos that being sold.
  • [Added] dailymotion monetization system.
  • [Added] the ability for users to create and submit articles to admin.
  • [Added] now ads are being shown on articles page too.
  • [Added] the ability for user to transfter funds from earnings to wallet, so they can buy ads from their own earnings.
  • [Added] slider to home page.
  • [Fixed] few important bugs on both themes.
  • [Improved] site header in default theme. (84.2 MB)

v1.5.1 (78.8 MB)

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PlayTube is updated to v1.6

Two themes included!

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Thank You very much :slight_smile:

what is the Purchase code ???

Its not nulled need to null it …

i can null it if you want…

So what are you waiting for? :slight_smile:

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Need help guys… when sharing Video thumbnail is not showing on my wowondersite. but youtube videos when share thumbnail is showing… what seems to be the problem? thanks in advance!

can you give more details ?

When sharing videos from playtube to wowondersite there is no thumbnail showing up.
thumbnail is showing when youtube url is pasted.
how to fix this sir @savas thanks in Advance

its the wowonder bug i gess the developer fix that in next update :slight_smile:

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It should explain how to override the code, if it is possible.

@savas, do you have to nulled? Write me a pm. :sunglasses:


Hello savas, share v1.6

please update to 1.6

the monetization button does not become active

Download link v1.6 is not a function!!
Best regards

please give v1.6 download link. thanks for your good work.

1.6.1 download link not found denied access

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