PlayTube - Null any version Code!

Today I will share how to Crack / Null any PlayTube Script.

Before you install Wowonder Script, you need to do this step first.

  1. Open the function_genenral.php at “assets/includes”

Look for this 1 line of code

$check = json_decode($file, true);

and replace it to

$check = array('status' => 'SUCCESS', 'url' => $siteurl, 'code' => $check);

There will be two that say; $check = json_decode($file, true);

Make sure you replace BOTH lines!


What did I do wrong?

I’ll check when I get home from work.

go to index.php in Install and look for
if ($can == 1) {

and replace it to

if ($can !== 1) {

If that still don’t work then PM me on Discord Nastrix#7650

I think I sent you the request for friendship, check.

Works! I nulled the dating script this way

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The 2 lines are not in that file… there is no such code line in that specific file