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We have the most complete Nextpost pack and we always keep adding new materials!

Current Realese

Should be everything that it’s not in “Next Releases” list.
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Screenshot by Lightshot
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Next Releases

Network Exceptions Mod + Connection Break Adaptation for Mobile Proxies :white_check_mark:
Account Selector Mod – Increase your Post Page Speed in Nextpost :white_check_mark:
TUI Image Editor Integration :white_check_mark:
Video Thumbnail mod for Nextpost
Nextpost module: Send SMS
Nextpost theme: Catgram
Nextpost module: Helpcenter
Business Insights Module
Proxy Manager MOD
Nextpost module: My feed
Auto Mute Module & Mod

What if I found a mod/module missing in the list? PM that to me and it will be added to the list!

When we get 20 members we will release - Nextpost module: FB Share
An exclusive module only accessible to a restricted number of people. Not obtainable anymore elsewhere. This will be an exclusive release to our Team Buy!

Free Releases for all BBF

Will be added very soon!


All the contents have been personally collected over the past 8 months
Since the nature of the Team Buy paypal is not accepted. Don’t ask for it please. Sorry!

Only Bitcoin accepted


This is not the first time a buying group has been generated. I hope you really succeed in tempting us and generating a large, responsible buying community!

It is normal to sell packs promising updates and then disappear.


That’'s why this is a TEAM buy, we must work together, nextpost is a great platform that will stay around for a long time and we want to do they same! This aim to be a community project not for profit but for realeses and updates!
Thanks for the support @Exp! Appreciated! :muscle:


it sounds the same to the user 3pacs promising update forever and then disappear




We are all fed up by fake promises, we all want the same thing, we can have them as a group, it’s time for a long lasting project.
And no, i have nothing to do with pacs.


Super! I am with you, economically and reliably!


Thanks Moka for already being part of the Team! :muscle:

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Love to read this, please send me a pm with the details!!


PM sent! New materials will be addedd in a couple of days as we will add free stuff for all BBF members :heart:

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Kindly reply my message.


Hey Max! Please check your inbox, i replied your message 3 days ago. Hope to see you with us in this journey!


1 new item added
1 item Updated
2 new coming extremely soon!

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Hi, can you pm me?

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Whats new?

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PM sent

Check PM :grin:

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Thread and release updated!!

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Big update. Exclusive modules… Good job :muscle:

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You have PM’s disabled, pm me.

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