NextPost TEAM BUY đź’Ş **(Limited time "FREE" access)**


New materials in the folders, expect new materials and updates in the next days too.

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okey ty man

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15 days ago I made the registration in the blockchain and have not yet dropped my coins, I give up


Hey @apoloweb, that’s really strange, are you sure you completed the verification process with your ID? Are you from an “unusual” country? This is indipendent from us, you should directly ask to blockchain support, from the mobile app the verification takes about 10-15 minutes so there is definitly something worng with your account.
Let us know :smiley:


Sorry Plou, lot’s of messages, lost yours in the inbox :smiley:
Code sents!!

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Any news around here?


there’s nothing for some time


Hey buddy, It’s been a long time and there’s nothing interesting yet, when is there going to be a major update? you keep saying in the next days but I don’t see anything new that is worth while. TB 4 is a joke tbh, nothing is interesting there and mostly unpopular stuff that you can find for free if you dig deep enough

A lot of members joined as I see from the post’s activity, you should’ve got bunch of new stuff.

Sorry for coming too hard, but we really need new stuff


Teams and send mail plss


Hey Team!
I know that lately things has slow down, we rely on new members to release new materials and this team is and always be not for profit. Our realese are only limited by funds available to us.
In our folder you can find a small but heavily requested release and a small note on what will come and our plan to give a little boost to the team.
My workload lately increased a lot and had an hard time to keep up with team management but if you have any suggestiong my inbox is open as always.
Never lose faith as this team is made to stay, there will be always hard times but we’ll get back on track!

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But since you have a dark theme, what’s the problem to update it?


Send email and Proxy Manager Pro ( with mobile proxys ) :pray:


@Borotalco : can you please see your PM ? Thank you… I’m looking for the LOCATION API update, do you have it?


Great new stuff… Thanks :muscle:

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hi, I want to be a member. Do you want to help me? @Borotalco

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i don’t get the point for selling someone’s work.

if you are for real - create a nextpost site for BFF members and let them use all features + plugins for free on your website .
what is the point of installing 200 nextpost copies on different Server’s.


@Borotalco doesn’t respond to messages

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Hey @knightrider! Sorry for late reply, messages in your inbox! :smiley:

Hey @PYTHON, that’s the point of the script itself, to have it on your own and have full control over it. There are many other platforms ready to use for user, some of which even free.
We are a group buy, we come together to have access to the latest material for this active developed platform which can get very pricy for people starting out since it’s made by many different mods and modules.
We always encourage our members to supports developers (who makes all this possible) and buy their license as soon as they start generating revenue from their project.