NextPost is backdoored


Hey guys, just takecare because nulled versions of NextPost are backdoored


Any concretes?

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Yes it might have - because Author know its being used nulled so he will take revange.

If backdoors are links urls you can remove them - if its codes —- emmm its very difficult to find and remove


I use a Nulled version since the author stopped selling the script, and I can tell you one thing, they are NOT, well at least not mine, I did check the entire script there’s not a single web shell. So please, check your info before freaking half of the users who use the script nulled ever since the author stopped selling it, there’s no way you can get it except Nulled nowadays.

Guys, keep in mind, get your copy from a reliable user who Nulled the script, not from shitty places.


The Nulled Versions have shell in it.


Nope, not all of them, I stand by my word, I can hit you up with a Nulled version right now give me your email, and I dare you to find a single shell.

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There are for sure some version with webshell in it, i hope it’s not in mine, it’s back on sale, gonna upgrade soon