Nextpost - Instagram Media Planner Latest Mods JUN-JULY 2019

Hello Friends…

Here is something latest for nextpost…Get all these official Mods at very cheap rates…

if you are working with php you can setup all these mods easily, still if you want nextpost standalone v.4.2 along with these mods installed i can also provide it.

mail me:
do not leave your email in comments or don’t dm here in bbf, just mail will get faster reply.

Here is the list:
1.How to change Instagram account avatars|[Account Avatars for Accounts Page_- EN **
2.Re-connect account with one click (instead of full re-login
3.Account Selector Mod – Increase your Post Page Speed in Nextpost
4.Back Button in Modules on mobile devices|[Open Digital Titorial
5.Bugfix: “Unknown Server Error” at publishing Photo or Story
6.Bugfix: “Unknown Server Error” at reposting Photo/Album in Auto Repost Module
7.Bugfix: Email verification loop in Nextpost for authorized users
8.Dark Side Mode + Time Settings function + Switcher
9.Bugfix: Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Instagram accounts
10.Network Exceptions Mod + Connection Break Adaptation for Mobile Proxies
11.Option: Disable new users registration + notice
12.Instagram Account Avatars in Modules
13.Verification method selector for Add New Account page
14.TUI Image Editor Integration

If You want anyking of error solving help, Mail me. There are lots of thing available for nextpost. you are just a mail away from it.

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