New Android for QuickDate


Hi all! I need this app :heart_eyes: and you to, everyone. But how to get around without a license? :thinking:

Take a look :male_detective: here codecanyon.


me too


Send the source code. Let me try it


Hi. can you share the source code for Android?


@danielcojocaru, sorry, I’m not a programmer.


Your requesting the files but there seems to be confusion the other people are asking you to provide the source code. However if you owned a license you wouldn’t need the nulled version.


@MrTois, just brought news for everyone to know.


anyone here know how to null quickdate android ?
tell me if anybody can


i can share retail version of this app


the retail version is on here you can search about it
but pointless coz the app ask for an encryption which you can only get buy enter your purchase code

I can’t find nobody that can decrypt nd null it


i have a friend who nulled it . but he charges 15$ each for any doughouz app.
2 Methods available :
get certificate generated for your domain from us
or use modified source code


what is your friend contact send it to me


If you are ready to purchase, then contact


Dont buy anything from and bazilbycom

I sent them money for the quickdate app null they took my money and never reply I open a case on paypal they told me they were asleep and I should close the case for them to be able to send me the script
now its 3 days till I close case and they didnt send anything they stop replying me


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