Need the QuickDate update 1.1.2


Hello dear friends, I need the QuickDate update 1.1.2
Even without installation files, you can also only update files.


I also need it but I have the first version and I know how to null but not having the updated one


can’t you share a free script please

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Hello. this is the file: codecanyon-23268605-quickdate-the-ultimate-php-dating-platform (1).zip (41.0 MB)

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do u know a way to make quickdate android work without encryption code ?


Yes. It s possibly


how can we do that anybody here can do this ?


Thank you!!!

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this is not nulled…please anyone provide 1.1.2 nulled full


i have a friend selling modded apps for 15$ each ( any doughouz . DM if you want em.


Dont buy bro they dont send you any source code
You pay and they leave and tell you to wait till you lose your money

Ill open a case on paypal and block them


Send me FTP access in private message and I’ll fix it for you for free


Can you null its anndroid app?



dont send your money to and bazilbycom

the will take the money and not send a thing


I will never send a thing for racist people like you. You talk shit about us , and put up a case on paypal . And you expect us to do the work? Just take the money and fuck off


you didnt refund no money Lierrrr if yes then why cant u the fuck show the screenshot and why I didnt receive no message from paypal and nothing about it