Need Help! Suggestions


Hello, I’m trying to create a site but I dont know what type of website should I create.
Any Ideas?


U can create blog about web-developing :sweat_smile:


I don’t like blog but is there something else except blog or forum?


Maybe local directory listing for small monetization? U can start your small business in your city by offering promotion for local stores and restaurants? :x I have no idea what u can create if u don’t want blog… Or maybe other service “created” by community except forum… I mean, maybe music sharing platform like soundcloud or alternative for DTube?


Creating something like soundcloud will be useless because their are a lot of websites like that.


I’m only tryin to help u by givin some ideas, not the best but still… :smiley:


Depends what you like to see in that site :smile:

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Hey, I wanted to host a hacking, hitman or black market site but I didn’t have a good site software. I don’t know what to use for that kind of websites. Should I use forum or -----?


Share everithing in bestblackforum and you no need the site at all :smiley:


just contact


yeah sure


Hi Hitman, for more details contact


try music, video, wiki, etc