Need Help - Please reply


Hello ,
I need your suggestions and feedback.

Problem: Almost most of the file hosting websites are limited with File Size Limit , File Life limit . And they remove files with DMCA Copyright complaints.

I have Amazon S3 - and i am sure i will manage to pay 100$ PM for my S3 ,

Idea : i am thinking to make a file sharing website (not for money) just for you and others to share nulled files and codes without limits - example
File size limit will be 1-5GB , no wait time - forever store files (untill i am Alive or my Amazon S3 Account is Alive)

It will be similar to Google Driver , not like usercloud or zippyshare .

You tell me : is it a great idea ??
Will you use it .
Here is an Example :
Also suggest me some softwares like bedrive - with API or S3 storage compibility .


Great idea bro, I’ll use this if it’ll be alive! :slight_smile:
If u need any help for this project, PM me or write here for sure.
I think it will be nice cms for this:

It’s the most similar to Google Drive, interface and functions. Amazon S3 compatible of course, but I didn’t look for nulled :smiley:

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Hey, just customize a file hosting script or create your own file hosting script and design it like or whatever.

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But I’m pretty sure it will be useless because there are a lot of websites like that.

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I wanted to create a site like but it looked useless.


Its not much important - i will try to use readymade script like bedrive -

Point is : it will be like Google Drive / Dropbox with no ads - files will not be deleted as zippyshare deleted files if noone clicks on link for 90 days.
File size limit will be 5Gb or 10Gb …

Most importantly: if someone will complain to zippyshare, google drive etc about DMCA copyright complaints they will remove files and they do.

We will not delete any file -

Most of the cloud storage gaints does not allow you to host - nulled files - …
If you have more questions let me know.

—- regarding software: i can create own - but it will take some time and i dont have much - i am white label freelancer in spare time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at -/

I think i will use BeDrive and will add fix things to make it better …
What do you think


yeah but if you want it to be popular then don’t use people’s source Or just edit their source.

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Let it be useless -
Point is : they do not allow you to host nulled files - and files Are removed .
And some goes offline after few months.

My point is to make an official website for illlegel an nulled things to share over internet.
I am not looking to make money out of it or any benefit - i want to facilitate others .
It sounds crazy -


yeah but if it went too far then U.S will takedown your website. or just host it on an offshore server.

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Definitely i have offshore servers they are made for porn and other kind of stuff - they are but costly but i will do some more freelancing to adjust expanses and i am sure some people will make kinda donation - i dont mind -

Money is part of life Not heart of life.


That is true.


Using somebody’s script isn’t bad idea. If @PYTHON can fix any backdoors and improve functions - especially.
From me, U’ll have advertistment on my site - (It’s not very popular, one of millions NextPost pages, but always something for google pagerank).

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@PYTHON, @savas uploaded uCloud - File Hosting Script - Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files v1.5.1 , but it’s umm, more ugly than BeDrive and BeDrive is more intuitive I think :slight_smile:

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Thanks i will install few on localhost-
I prefer anything with apis