Ioncube decoder


UPDATE: i posted here ioncube decoder and was thinking to share now i changed my mind.
when i was looking for a whmcs theme (php5.6) few friends had hostx theme for whmcs but they asked me for money. They decoded php5.6 theme and are selling for 50$.

It is not fair NULLED stuff is not supposed to be SELL/RENT.
Now if someone needs to null files. Send me files i will null them for free.



If this eliminates version 10, and works without problems, I will be happy if you send it to me in a message, and promise you not to publish it

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and me to plz ?

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yes , i need very much! and i will keep privacy and maintain

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Yes it works with ioncube 10 and upto php 7.1 ,
php 7.3 & php 7.2 has some issue ,
It decodes php 7.3 .
After decoding first 5-6 errors it shows fatel error. I tried everything but i am sure php 7.3 has some special for ioncube it is preventing files to obfuscate. I am not sure.

Regarding sharing : i cant not share with everyone asking in comments , I know someday someone will share it even by mistake and i dont want this to be shared on all forums & websites

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Claro espero lo comparta, seré muy serio y tendré mucha privacidad…
gracias por apoyar al foro.
gracias, Saludos desde MĂ©xico, Quintana Roo.
Espero su aporte.



Can you send me more information?

Thank you!

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yes i need this

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its easy
$function = attempt 1
learn C++ $ try to understand files i.e decompilers
if success > try hard you can do it!
bash + java
try again (loop"10")

install php 5.4 to 7.3
install ioncubeloader
install zend (libs only) and symblink after reading decompiler.php file.

now : apt-get -y update && apt install apache or ngnix as per your wish download files later from you vps.

install git and clone easy2you (very old 5.4 ) source code and change it to work it php7.

Insta Ubuntu 16.x or 14.x
download xcache and easytoyou decoder (very old) or any other on your pc .
read files with notepad.

if you have a question - forget it …
if you are clear and understanding all this :
do share decoder with me if it has php 7.3 Supprt.

my PC crashed fewdays back i installed on Ubuntu in VMWARE.
now i have to install new instance for php 7.3 again.

i have upto php 7.2


i have easytoyou old version , How can I use it to decode a new version of php file?

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Here i have written the solution


The reason he said this is that if you don’t even understand what he wrote before then if he helps you, you still won’t understand. PHP was written in the C programming language which is a really low-level language. Once you get into this kind of stuff you’re dealing with the OP code (operation code) which is even more difficult to understand. I’ve been a dev for over 10 years and still find stuff like this difficult.

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Sorry mate either you did not understand what i wrote -
or i am not able to make my point.