Ioncube decoder 10.x for 7.3 ! do you need it


Hello ,

ioncuebe encoder is somehow a good way to protect files from common people who do not know much programming .
but if you are a good programmer you can decode any encoded file.
I used php ioncube decoder from for php 5.3 and i got an idea how it works .

phpp 5.x i now outdated and php 7 is used widely and most of encoded files are encoded in php 7.2 - 7.3.
i saw many people sharing inocube decoder for php 5.3 and they are not working anymore.

i wonder should i share the ioncube decoder i have made for personal use or not .
P.S : i will not share it for money but problem is it will be shared on many forums and some people will modify file and change name to take credits ( i hate it )

So i created this topic for only BFF users if someone need to decode any php file encoded in php 5.6 - 7.3 let me know .
and also suggest me SHOULD I SHARE this with public.

if you are sure you will keep privacy and maintain for upcoming versions here is bitbuket link .
Its private access will be provided to real users preffered BFF active users :


If this eliminates version 10, and works without problems, I will be happy if you send it to me in a message, and promise you not to publish it

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and me to plz ?

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yes , i need very much! and i will keep privacy and maintain

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Yes it works with ioncube 10 and upto php 7.1 ,
php 7.3 & php 7.2 has some issue ,
It decodes php 7.3 .
After decoding first 5-6 errors it shows fatel error. I tried everything but i am sure php 7.3 has some special for ioncube it is preventing files to obfuscate. I am not sure.

Regarding sharing : i cant not share with everyone asking in comments , I know someday someone will share it even by mistake and i dont want this to be shared on all forums & websites

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Claro espero lo comparta, seré muy serio y tendré mucha privacidad…
gracias por apoyar al foro.
gracias, Saludos desde México, Quintana Roo.
Espero su aporte.



Can you send me more information?

Thank you!


yes i need this