Import existing accounts

Hello BFF.
I noticed that new forum is not using IPB and all accounts are now unusable for mew forum. They work only at .

—- 1. Using facebook / twitter login will be easy but most of user avoid social login in forums.
You can use old Facebook app for new forum so users will not have to approve login as they already have apporved Facebook Login at old forum.

  1. Import old accounts to new forum.
    You can do it by 3 ways and its big benifit for all us. Creating new account is annoying.
    Way 1. Export old database on your system and modify accordingly to new forum database . And then import users accounts ( null some tables) like profile photo . bg_photo status.
    Way 2. Create custom login with OLD BFF . It will work in same way as facebook login works but you users have to approve login from ( they have good api documentation)
    Way 3. Use CUSTOM LOGIN - IPB has a option and if you are SITECORE on new forum they have modules as well and apis.

Ok , they have oAuth setup but its complicated you have create your own or modify one available at github.

They suggest to convert IPB database to Discourse …
its easy enough - you have full control.
You can either important everything…
Or just users with EMAIL - USERNAME - PASSWORD ,
Only problems is DISCOURSE doesn’t support special characters in username
E.G : my username at old forum us PYTH@N - and in me forum i was not able to use it so i used @PYTHON instead…

But i guess - if we will import users we can import all users and it will work.
Because creating account on discourse calls for few functions like - check_username (if username already exists $die —
If new user then it checks for username has invalid character…

But if we import users manully to DATABASE - it will not check…

Its super easy. To get started fist change my username in database from @PYTHON to @PYTH@N - and mail me , i am sure i will be able to login with PYTH@N


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its not easy to experment with that amount of users details :smiley:
plus i beleve the loyal users reregister to new system so its a way to clean bbf inactiv users :slight_smile:

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even if you extracted the usernames and email addresses members would most likley need to do a password reset and if emails dont work would be pointless.

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Yup i agree - but we will lot of posts -
And what about uploads and content hosted on old forum (AmazonS3) ?
Are you using new server for new forum?

And users will love to login to new forum instead of creating new accounts if they have account with oldBFF.

I am taking side for forum improvement and usability…
I will still say create oAuth and allow users to login with oldBFF…


Yes - i believe some users creates accounts with temp-mail just to get something we are hosting on our forum.
And sending too much mails is not good idea.

I will not force you to do anything .
You are owners and moderates.
Its your world - you are decision makers…


im scere that im not smart inath to create oAuth for discourse of ipb :slight_smile: it is best solution i gess …
the unnesesery registration is solved with unlimited downloas :slight_smile: now guest can download too …

it is bbf exlusive and its wisible then user reaching some reputation i new bbf forum :slight_smile: but every content can be downloaded without registration so usrs who not like registration thei can use the forum to :slight_smile:

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