Hyperloop Terminal – Stories Masslooking Script


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Promotion every day going harder and more expensive, but this new method can be the most powerful one and cheapest at the moment. This is a new trend of 2019 – this is masslooking, stories masslooking. This method brings to your profile a huge engagement. Try to use masslooking, while it’s working. And share your experience in reviews.


This is a standalone script for usage in Terminal/Console in Windows/Mac/Linux OS systems. You need a PC/Laptop or VPS server for running this script. You should know that all downloadable products non-returnable. Also, we can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because of Instagram can change or update something to block this method of promotion.


Hyperloop Terminal – it’s a console-based script created for masslooking (mass viewing) stories. All you need is provide some required parameters, set targets and start a script.

We created a special detailed digital guide about installation, setup, and usage. You won’t be complicated.

At the moment estimated speed can be something around 500-600k seen stories per day . Every day we work hard to improve our algorithm and increase speed. The most important thing that our script support two-factor authentification , can bypass of verification challenge , use multiple targets and support proxy .

How did it work?

Our script gets followers of users and marks all their stories as seen. That’s simple and clear.


  • Detailed digital tutorial about installation and setup
  • Real-time emulation of an Android App in the back-end
  • 500-600k seen stories per day (depends on followers quality of targeted account)
  • You can set multiple targets
  • Unlimited accounts usage
  • Proxy support
  • Two-factor authentification support
  • Bypassing of verification challenge
  • You can run this script via Terminal/Console in Windows/Mac/Linux or on your own server

What is the difference between a Business plan and Personal plan?

There is only one big difference – Unlimited license for resell .