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Hi Im not sure if this is something relatively simple or not but i was wondering if anyone knew how it is possible to change the colors of members names (as seen in the image above) based on the membership level and also how to change the color of the actual site admins and moderators in wowonder.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as i have searched the main wowonder support comments and the only reply i see to most questions is “i will concider adding this in the future” so its not very helpful


try adding some class and define class in style.phtml located inside themes/layout…


Thank you @ghost_hacker
i am not sure how that is done exactly as i am not experienced at coding.
would u be able to show me the code on how to do it to the site administrator and then i should be able to figure how to add it to the other ones.


You may query member type frrom database… bind each member type to different class .and then use CSS … It might help


contact me skype - phpmylove
i help you bro


@sabin72246 is right.


i dont know how to do this stuff. i said i dont know how to do coding like u all do.
but thank you for trying to help,but none of it makes any sense to me.
@deefacto i dont have skype but thank u for offering your help


@KrisB If you give me access to your code I will try it there…


this is it



the color for themes sunshine always for the wownder ??


@Djarki I can update the color scheme if you want


Yes, OK


yes thats exactly what i was talking about but i dont have experience to do that unless there is some tutorial i can follow that show me what i need to do.
could u share or post a tutorial on how its done ??


Can you do it for me.


yes of course. PM me…


Any chance one of you guys could write up a tutorial on how to do this and share with us.

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