GlobalHop app monetization SDK. 50$ bonus for new members



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Extra Revenue: Generate extra income without increasing the level of in-app advertising.

Earn Money from Day One: With GlobalHop SDK, you can monetize your app users’ idle resources and earn substantial amounts of additional revenue.

Seamless Monetization: The more active users your app has, the more you earn.

How does it work?

Globalhop SDK is a software code for app monetization, that can be embedded into your Android, Windows or macOS applications. This is how it works:

  1. When a device with embedded GlobalHop SDK application is in an idle state and connected to WiFi, HTTP requests are being routed through the user’s device to various websites to extract public data.
  2. SDK return responses to requests to the GlobalHop ecosystem without slowing down users’ devices or draining their battery.

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