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Guys wanted to ask how it is possible to make money on the internet by having a website, I understand that I do not know from night to morning.
But I would like to earn a little money, if you have any ideas and they may share it with us. I know nobody likes to share the secret of success.
But it would be fine for me to earn between 1-10$, monthly.


Thr are 1000+ ways to make money on internet from 0.1$ - 1000$ Per Pay.

It depends who you are (your profession)
Your passion (its most important)
Your Country (targeting countries)

You can make money with
Creating own Blog
Write Articles /content for websites
Part time work as your profession.

Upcoming Trends in 2020-21
IPTV ( illegel in most countries as of now)
BitCoins -

Note : nothing is free - you have to do some hardwork & sometimes invest …


If you have any site You can earn some amount, not very much by posting ADS on it.
You ca get ads from


Contact for you more quries


@trio Can you just share your nolage there on forum?
Thats why this forum is …


Hey, try using verified link shorteners or file downloaders that pay you for clicks or downloads.
That is the easiest way.


Thank you all for answering and giving me some ideas, I will approve the ghost to see if it works


If I understand you, but since I am from Venezuela, I have many limitations.