Free whmcs license + .host domain! (legit)


How to get a free WHMCS license
Go to
Enter: (Replace anything with anything like “sduihasd”)
Then claim it, You can have 1 license per account (nothings stopping you from creating more accounts :wink: )
Then go to , Enter the domain you want, get your license key (License key must be installed on a WHMCS website first) and enter it in the button that says Get free .host.

Well you’ve now got a free WHMCS license key, and its legit too


Interesting… What do you mean?

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Well WHMCS has a partnership with Hostgator which allows sites with a special IP addresses to get a free WHMCS license, which also allows you to get a free domain, I have linked all the subdomains of my personal website to through this IP address which allows you to get a free license.


:heart_eyes: Thank you!

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Enjoy :smiley:

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was going thru the application but does anyone know what a VAT Number is


You don’t need to enter it

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Hi, I don’t mean to be ignorant on this license but what does it do? Looks like it’s a webhosting program. What else can we do with it?


it will only work on hostgator’s IP, so if you have a hostgator plan then voila you are good to go, but if you are on other hosting then it will revoke within a few hours.


This is for Hostgator customer only but hostgator sucks. I use InmotionHosting for all my hosting needs


Can i use this license to create a seperated cpanel for my client so they edit only their files after i created a website for them? And what hostgator plan do i need for this ?


Hello ,
It is super easy.
Pros : you can use whmcs to start own mini shared hosting , vps , email and provide other services to your client.
It doesn’t need any hostgator account .
License is valid for life (not sure)
Cons: its web host license allows you to have 250 clients/account on your installed whmcs.
You need your subdmomain pointed to hostgator forever.

How : You need a hostgator IP Find some hostgator websites and use IP ,
In your domain (dns manager ) add A record for a subdomain e.g point to hostgator IP - (you have to keep this record for ever)

Once ip is propagated - goto and use same domain i.e if this subdomain is pointed to hostgator network you will be get whmcs webhost license.

Now follow onscreen steps create whmcs accounts and complete checkout.

Download and install WHMCS within 7 days (they terminate unused licenses) install on any domain you want - any server you want .

It doesn’t need hostgator -

Note : they check if is pointed to hostgator IP ( they think you are using hostgator services) they do not check manually it’s automated) you need to have this subdomain pointing to hostgator for long time ( not sure how much - maybe unti offer is available ))

NEED HELP ?? Let me know ,
Do not pay for HELP , if you ask/pay for help that us not help .


WHMCS 7.7.0 Beta1 , Nulled by PYTH@N


My licence has been suspended. :frowning:

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Update : whmcs is smart enough.
They use auto provision to validate license.

If you have installed WHMCS on hostgator Dedicated Server , Dedicated Hosting you will be able to use use WHMCS license as long you have hostgator dedicated hosting/server.

Once you install on any other hosting provider/ vps or even shared hosting of hostgator.
They will suspend your account…

Tip : if someone has real Dedicated server / hosting with hostgator & they are kind enough allow you to host a subdomain on his server you can use WHMCS .
How : :wink: ask him to host your subdomain on his hostgator server and keep this record for ever.

E.G : you will install whmcs on so hostgator friend has to point to hostgator.

Install whmcs on -
After installing go to settings and change domain ( open settings in 2 tabs and also open whmcs license info page in tab 3.

In tab 2 change domain (whmcs installed domain to , save ( it will shown error after saving) close tab 2.

In tab 3 pn license information click on force recheck.
Wait for a minute.

Go to tab 1 - change back domain to and save .

Now in file manager . Change license.php file permession to 644 (it is by default)

If above step fails ??

Open license info page and leave it open

Open PHP my admin - config (find where domain table is -/: edit table .

Change Default vlaue to : As Defined and in text feild enter subdomain /

Now force reload license in tab you open in 1st step.

Additionally you can preven whmcs to verify your ip again & again .
By blocking whmcs license + whmcs IP in .htaccess

Let me know if you need my help :bbf:

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