Free Cloud Storage - DMCA Ignored


Hola ,

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I want to introduce file hosting website i worked from past 3 months with a good team of developers.
Our Goal is to offer FREE DMCA IGNORED FILE HOSTING with Files Never Gets Deleted From Server + No Download Limits + Max File Size Upto 20GB and Space Upto 000 TBs.
We used Amazon S3 for Free Users to host files upto 50GB
For Paid Users we use own leased Object Storage Servers From Russia and Bulgeria ( 10Gbps Uplink)

Its Similar to Google Drive a moded version of BeDrive 2.0

please leave your comments and let me know how can we make it better reliable fresh and easy to use. ( report a BUG and we will offer you 3 Years Prime for Free)

Website :

I am sure people do not trust any new service provider instantly /
i welcome NEGATIVE comments.
Before leaving negative comments give it a try .

3 Monthes Prime Plan Free For BFF users ,
Create an Account , Message us with your BFF USERNAME and Register Email on NH.


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i have registered itโ€™s so useful for me thanks
please add email verification while registering to ovoid SPAM

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we used sendgrid but then i realised its OFFSHORE so we need own SMTP server i am try to setup iredmail wil some other tools , i will add soon.

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all signed up :slight_smile:


got this trying to download my own file

This site canโ€™t be reachedThe webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

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Yes - Thank you for letting me , i have now increased server execution time.
i am uploading 20 GB folder and server is sucked.

it caused this issue , server will not allow you to download any file until my upload is completed.
Edited: :smile:


ok no problem and youโ€™re welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you , You helped me to understand .
WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN 10K Users will upload 1Gb file at same time.

I tweaked server , now you can download your FILE.
approximately server will now support.
100K constant uploads at same time. even on same node ( it uses 3 nodes for 3 plans.
and 10K parallel downloads without LAG , Speed Issue.

Happy Coding

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you are very welcome glad i could help now hope its ok to post links from ur hosting on my movie site ??


is upload slow trying uploading a file around 600mb


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nope upload is fast - maybe it varies based on LOCATION.
we are 6 developers from different locations we tested 100MB file upload and download from all our locations - tested from US , Sweden , Turkey , Pakistan and Russia.
Fastest Upload was from Russia and then US.
In future we might use some CDN so upload speed will be improved.

Sorry for inconvenience

PS : i have upgraded your account , :blush:

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ok no problem im from the uk awesome thank you for upgrading my account :slight_smile:
im gonna start using ur hosting on my site hope this is ok :slight_smile:

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Done .
if you love it _ do share with other heros .