🐬 Dolphin is a Facebook ad launch automation tool

:dolphin: Dolphin is a Facebook ad launch automation tool.

With our tool, you can create hundreds of advertising campaigns in a couple of clicks, manage and view statistics in one window❗️

Service link: Dolphin.ru.com


:white_check_mark: Automatic ad creation

Create a saved campaigns in the service. Mass creation of campaigns in a couple of clicks on dozens of accounts with automatics uniqueness of each ads

:white_check_mark: All the statistics in one window

No need to go into different profiles Facebook to control spent, all statistics are available in one window

:white_check_mark: Campaign management/duplication

Stop, run, make copies of the campaigns and manage your budget as well as in the ads manager

:white_check_mark: Flexible team management

A convenient system for granting team members access rights to different accounts. Admin -> Teamlead -> Mediabuyer access levels. Admins can see statistics for all team members.

:white_check_mark: Assign of rules for accounts

In Dolphin, you can create a template rules and assign it to different ad accounts in a couple of clicks. There is no need to recreate the rules each time.

:white_check_mark: Comment moderation

Automatically hide and delete comments that spoil the convertion rate.

And here you can see how to use our product :

Affiliate program:

Our affiliate program will allow you to earn 15% of all payments from your attracted clients.

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