DeepSound - The Ultimate PHP Music Sharing Platform




(DeepSound - The Ultimate PHP Music Sharing Platform by DoughouzForest)

Publish the nulled version here. Nowhere!(


need too @savas

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Yeah, I’d like it too! I don’t mind if its nulled or not.

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Yes we need it

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deepSound has update 1.0.5, please share bro.


I have deep sound v1.0.5 contact me at

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I will leave this here and I will leave slowly, all my scripts are null and not null, in case anyone wants them.
Wowonder Pretty deepsound playtube download here.

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Thanks for the share, but we need DeepSound v1.2! Surprising that it isn’t leaked yet. The other versions only took 1-2 days. This has been over a week now.

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Almost 1 month now and v1.2 is still not leaked. If it ever gets leaked, v1.3 will most probably take months, if ever, as well. It seems owners of the product are keeping it for themselves, and I’ve seen on other sites people trying to sell v1.2 nulled for $50.

If anyone’s interested in group-buying with Codecanyon, I’ll pay 60% ($35.40) and the other group-buy individual 40% ($23.60), and we will share the latest version perpetually. Message me!