Decrypt code über clone V3CUBE Help!

Hello, I would like to know if there is anyone in the forum who can decrypt Uber Clone from V3cube, the website will get put to work but the applications will be white screen due to some encryption in the php files of the site. I paid $ 3300 for the application plus they delivered the encrypted site, who can solve it can post in the forum the source code or pay for the service.

V3CUBE SITE DEMO: Uber Clone Demo Live & Real, Uber Script Demo - V3Cube

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Hey Champ …

If you have ALL apps and sourcecode .
Android + ios = Driver + User app .
Website + Admin panel …

send me decoded files i will decode. and then send me all codes and apps i need for my friend he recently purchased cab clone from appcodes but they are fake. they have not provided him any code till date.

Regards …