Cubebrush – Greek – Roman Sculptures for Unity 3D




Greek – Roman Sculptures is an asset pack featuring 20 sculptures of the ancient world of Greek and Roman rule.

All textures are 4K, PBR with variations. White marble, Cracked marble, Corroded Bronze, Bronze, Marble Moss are combinations of textures used.

The list of the models and their poly count :

-Plato: 20,112 -Socrates & Seneca: 16,075 -Thucydides & Herodotus: 21,378 -Epicurus & Metrodorus: 20,934 -Aphrodite: 9,423 -Venus & Cupid: 19,542 -Hermes: 15,844 -Mars: 10,158 -Ephebe: 14,199 -Power & Pathos statue: 20,888 -Mercury: 14,432 -General Lucius Quintus: 12,191 -The Youth: 15,210

Seven sculpted Columns are also included with 3 texture variations including Rock moss, cracked marble, and classic marble. Their poly count is 10k to 15k.

Version Requires Unity 2018.1

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